Spirit Hoarder is a Neutral 3 Mana Legendary unit. Below is its full stats from Level 1 to 4.


At level 1, it has a speed of 1 with 1 magic attack, 0 armor, 3 health points and with the Triage ability. Triage allow this unit to heal backline friendly unit.

At level 2, it will gain another ability, Dispel. Dispel will clears all the positive effects on the enemy unit that Spirit Hoarder hit.

At level 3, it will gain Blind. Blind will cause all enemy units to have a 15% chance of missing their melee or ranged attacks.

At max level 4, Spirit Hoarder's magic attack will increase to 2.

Next lets take a look at how Spirit Hoarder will perform in the various rulesets:

This table is generated using Koodies's Splintertools #3, created by @koodies

RulesetsSpirit Hoarder Level 1
limitation🔮 Magic Attack: 1,💗 Health: 3,🛡️ Armor: 0,⏩ Speed: 1
aim-true.png👍Good as it means Spirit Hoarder can hit all enemies even if the target is protected by Phase.
armored-up.png👍Extra protection is always good as Spirit Hoarder not only doesn't has armor but also has low health.
back-to-basics.png👎It will lose its Triage and other abilities.
broken-arrows.pngNo effect.
close-range.pngNo effect.
earthquake.png👎It will suffer 2 damage from Earthquake per round and will die fast due to no armor and low health points.
equalizer.png👍Good as Spirit Hoarder has low health and will benefit from gaining better health stats from this ruleset.
equal-opportunity.png👍Allow Spirit Hoarder to hit low health points target. But it can be targeted by enemy team as well.
even-stevens.png👎Cannot be deployed.
explosive-weaponry.png👍Allow it to deal blast damage.
odd-ones-out.png👍Can be deployed.
fog-of-war.pngNo effect. It doesn't have sneak or snipe in the first place.
healed-out.png👎Very bad. It means it can't be healed nor can it heal other friendly units.
heavy-hitters.pngUseful only if the lineup also has a unit that can stunned.
holy-protection.png👍Extra protection is always good.
keep-your-distance.png👍Can be deployed.
little-league.png👍Can be deployed.
lost-legendaries.png👎Cannot be deployed.
lost-magic.png👎Cannot be deployed.
melee-mayhem.pngNo effect.
noxious-fumes.png👎Will lose 2 health points per round to poison. Although it technically can heal itself in this ruleset but once it has to heal others, it will die.
reverse-speed.png👍Spirit Hoarder is slow so this ruleset would help it alot.
rise-of-the-commons.png👎Cannot be deployed.
spreading-fury.pngNot much effect. Its health point is too low to allow it to suffer more than 1 hit.
stampede.pngNo effect.
super-sneak.pngNo effect.
taking-sides.png👎Cannot be deployed.
target-practice.png👍Allow it to hit enemy backline range and magic unit. But it is also vulnerable to that as well so need to position some other ranged and magic units with higher health points in front of it.
unprotected.pngNo effect as it has no armor in the first place.
up-close-&-personal.png👎Cannot be deployed.
weak-magic.png👎Its attack cannot bypass armor in this ruleset.
going-the-distance.png👎Cannot be deployed.
wands-out.png👍Can be deployed.

Finally lets take a look at a Modern ranked match I had using Spirit Hoarder as one of the unit in the setup. The battle restrictions are:
Reverse Speed plus Tis but Scratches (Cripple) with a max mana limit of 30. The Video for the Full Battle can be seen here:

SplinterMana CostPositionReason
Immortalis6SummonerI can only chose between Earth, Death and Life splinters here. Between these 3 splinters, there is a high chance I will be facing a magic lineup. Immortalis would be able to give me an advantage against magic units due to Void ability.
Hill Giant31stHill Giant is a cheap tank upfront. I intend to also use Slipspawn so I don't have much mana left. With Slipspawn, Hill Giant would probably just be hit once per round so it should be able to survive for a few rounds as long as I have a tank healer in the lineup as well.
Fungus Flinger32ndThis would be my 2nd tank and if it die it will give a stats boost to my 3rd unit through the Martyr ability.
Goblin Psychic63rdThis is my tank healer for the Hill Giant. Martyr would later make it much harder to kill.
Spirit Hoarder34thMy backline healer to heal my backline. This is to ensure my back tank last as long as possible.
Mycelic Slipspawn95thMy back tank and also my main tank. It has Taunt and with Void, it will be hard to kill if I faced an enemy magic team.
Total Mana:30

Battle Lineup:


My opponent went with a Death splinter lineup but there wasn't even a single magic unit being. Plus the Death summoner ability will reduce my magic unit attack by 1. This didn't look good from the start.

End of Round 1:


The first round didn't go well for me. My Hill Giant was almost dead at that point. Thankfully my Slipspawn was still holding thanks to the healing from Spirit Hoarder. But the healing is dropping due to the Cripple ruleset. Meanwhile the Shatter ability from Immortalis was extremely helpful as it destroyed the opponent's main tank armor in one hit.

End of Round 2:


Because of the Reverse Speed ruleset, my super slow team managed to kill off the opponent tank before I lost my Hill Giant. My Spirit Hoarder also managed to keep my Slipspawn alive still even though the opponent's Dhampir Stalker is a pain in the butt.

End of Round 3:


The opponent lost 2 more units in Round 3 and still couldn't kill off my Slipspawn which is being kept alive by my Spirit Hoarder. At this point I have won the match as next turn I would kill off the enemy Uraeus. This would force the opponent Dhampir Stalker to the first position whereby it can't attack.

My strategy was to give Void to all my unit via Immortalis while absorbing magic attack from the enemy team. The funny thing was the opponent didn't bring out a magic team. In the end I still manange to win because my Slipspawn was kept alive long enough by Spirit Hoarder so that the rest of my team can whittling away at the opponent frontline.

I used Spirit Hoarder very often especially when I am using a magic summoner. There aren't many units I can find that has Triage at Silver league so it is my go to Triage unit. It is also especially helpful that it is a Neutral unit meaning I can use it in most situations.

Best position to put Spirit Hoarder is usually at the 2nd last position.


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