Sharing a Battle Using the Peaceful Giant

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Every week there is a challenge to share a battle using a specific card and on this week's post it is Peaceful Giant. It is my first time sharing in the challenge but I hope it is entertaining. You can also earn some crypto in these challenges so I hope you also participate. The image above is also from the weekly post linked earlier in this paragraph.

Featured Monster: Peaceful Giant

5-2 peaceful giant round  stats.png
As you can see, the monster itself has no abilities but it has a decent amount of HP. So it is perfect when you need a monster to soak up a bunch of hits. I don't own this card but it was delegated out to every player to play with a level 1 version of it.

Battle and Plan

My plan for this the follow match where you can't use physical monsters is to have Peaceful Giant soak up some hits. While that is happening I will focus on dealing some damage and if everything works out, I will outlast the opponent. I really like using Earth Splinters for fights like this so I plan on using Kron for his healing ability to soak up even more damage.

Round 1

5-2 peaceful giant round 1.png
Starting off my fight, I am relying on my Peaceful Giant to tank some hits while Kron, Mitica Headhunter and Beatrix Ironhand to take out some of the opponent's monsters.

Round 2

5-2 peaceful giant round 2.png
After the last round, my peaceful giant is almost dead but he has done his job. My Kron is more likely to survive the ongoing onslaught of attacks and I will be able to take out a few more monsters in the next round.

Round 3

5-2 peaceful giant round 3.png
It looks like my fast Mitica Headhunter and Beatrix were able to take out some more cards so my Kron healed up any damage they got during the previous round. I think this match is essentially won. I did lose the chicken but it soaked up an attack that would of landed on Beatrix otherwise.

Round 4

5-2 peaceful giant round 4.png
Yes it is over for the opponent. I can out heal any damage he does and my Mitica Headhunter will act first so it will finish it off when it hits.

5-2 peaceful giant conclusion.png
As expected, I won the fight with Mitica Headhunter attacking.


I think these cards are great when I can't use physical monsters as they give you a chance to focus on dealing more damage. I don't know if it was the best fit when used with the earth splinter deck though. Mainly because Failed Summoner would of cost less mana and would have access to magic reflect. My opponents monsters were all level 4 or 5 while mines were level 1 or 2 so I think my strategy worked out in the end.

I think the idea of blitzing down your opponent with fast and decent attack cards like Mitica Headhunter and Beatrix Ironhand is a great combo with any tank. You only need some tanky cards in the front to soak up the damage.

You can find the link to my match here.

What did you think of my match? Was there anything you would of done differently? I think it is quite interesting to see how different players use the same card.


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Well done on the battlefield using the Peaceful Giant.
You had a nice lineup there.
Keep on battling.

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