Novice Untamed + Alpha/Beta tournaments?

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Dear Splinter friends! You know that for some time now I have created Novice League tournaments to help new players, today I will talk a little more about this project and announce a new tournament format!

The Summoners Awards Festival is currently underway, and on the 26th we will have the SPT + Free Gold Foil Delegation Festival, which will delegate some Furious Chickens gold foil, plus Alpha Flesh Golems gold foil and will reward 10 participants with 1000 SPT tokens!

In the coming days, I will be creating the Summoners Awards Festival 2, with a lot more summoners as a prize, including a CONTESSA L'AMENT gold foil.

The novelty is that in the future I intend to hold a tournament in which, in addition to Untamed cards, Alpha and Beta Level 1 cards can also participate.

The idea is that players can somehow acquire these Alpha/Beta cards that are very useful for beginners since many of them have the Heal and Heal Tank ability that practically does not exist on Untamed cards.

But before I wanted your opinion, do you think this type of event Untamed + Alpha/Beta is viable?

I thought the idea was great but I am waiting for more suggestions before going on the attack. Please leave your comment. Thanks.

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I think it's a great idea! I would love to utilize my alpha and beta cards.

Nice! Thanks

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These tournaments are a great way to help new players get up and running.

Many thanks for your support

many of them have the Heal and Heal Tank ability that practically does not exist on Untamed cards

I never noticed that about Untamed cards even though the ones you mention are cards I play a lot!

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Yeah! In Untamed there is the epic Tortisian Chief card, the rare Khmer Princess, but they only acquires Tank Heal at level 4, and Truthspeaker is Common but only has Heal Tank at lvl 8!

Kron the Undying which has Healing and Scale Doctor with Triage, but these are Legendary.

And the common Herbalist has Triage too, but only at level 8!

So in the lower leagues and in battles without legendary, Beta / Alpha cards take a lot of advantage in terms of Healing abilities. :)

I think those cards are very helpful for new players. I would encourage using them.

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I see that nice gold you're showing :) I got a gold in rewards recently harvester made me happy nice to see the active sl posting upvoted