Splinterlands Amazing Battle #11 - The order of factors does not change the product?

in Splinterlands3 months ago

Hello, dear Splinterfans! Today I bring you a quick but very interesting battle...


The order of factors does not change the product?

Watch the battle by clicking on the image and tell me...

Interesting isn't it? Well if my opponent had used the summoner Mylor Crowling I would probably have been defeated, so luck helped me.

See you later with more amazing battles. Good luck!

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Images: @splinterlands



you risked it all but it paid and yea if your opponent had use mylor, you would have lose the battle... nice one !

Well, sometimes I still forget Mylor and I play like old times, but I was lucky in that

Nice win! See you on the battlefield!


wow, its cool. It has happened to me too but with different monsters and lower league. Thanks for the interesting share. I should have saved my links.

Hi! Yea! it's cool to save some interesting battles for possible posts. Thanks.

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