The new Dice summoners in action – #03 – Owster Rotwell

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Dear friends, lovers of the best Blockchain Game, I am pleased to bring you another Dice summoner in action!


Integrating the new mini-set released to replace the sold out Essence Orbs the ΛZMΛRÉ Dice include 6 new powerful summoners!

If you want to be competitive at the highest level, it is essential to have Owster Rotwell in your Splinterlands collection.


This Death summoner has a cool style and powerful ability: Reflect Magic for all creatures under your command.

ability_magic-reflec.pngMagic Reflect:

When hit with Magic damage, does reduced Magic damage back to the attacker.

For a long time, the Water and Earth splints dominated the fight in the Back to Basics ruleset.

In battles with high mana cap, cards like Ruler of the Seas, Mischievous Mermaid, Magi Sphinx, made a difference with brutal magic attack damage.

In battles with little mana, Earth teams with Magi of the Forest and Goblin Sorcerer in the last position were also very successful.


Nowadays, after the advent of new summoners like Yodin Zaku, the fight in Back to Basics is much more complex, and our mind needs to try to guess what the opponent is going to do to play an appropriate response.

Against those classic formations in which the opponent adds several magic attack cards, the Owster Rotwell becomes the perfect choice because the damage caused by these deflections is devastating, and any magic attack card he manages to eliminate can already be a decisive factor.

Battle Link: @marianaemilia versus @wer-gewinnt

In this first example in the Little League ruleset, my opponent placed many magic attack cards, a considerable firepower, but realize that although he was able to kill my monsters, his magicians were losing hit points or dying in the process.

Battle Link: @dosh versus @smk2000

In this second example, even a legendary summoner, the feared Valnamor, was no match for the young revelation of Death.

Although the speed and magic damage of Valnamor are enormous, cards with high health (Gelatinous Cube, Prismatic Energy, and Phantom Soldier), guaranteed longer survival time reflecting magic and enabling victory.

Battle Link: @marianaemilia versus @wer-gewinnt

This last example for me is the most impressive since again versus an extremely powerful and fast legendary summoner (Prince Rennyn), who used only 1 magic attack card (Goblin Sorcerer in the last position), Owster was successful and Rennyn was unable to defeat the young man exponent of Death.

Realize how the elimination of this Goblin made all the difference in the end so that I could win!

For those who play in the lower leagues where there is greater dominance of the card Ruler of the Seas, he can also be very precious to face this scourge of the sea.


As I am very impulsive and anxious, I needed to maximize it as soon as possible, and I even spent 9 dollars on a single BCX of Owster gold foil.

Do you already have this summoner? Have you achieved good results with him? Tell me a little about your experiences with this summoner.

Thank you very much for reading and commentaries, and see you soon.

Images: @splinterlands
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wow superb usage od owster. I was thinking today i need to max my 3 dice summoners and owster is one of them very useful.

Yeah, the only problem is when the opponent guesses that you are going to use it and only puts cards with ranged attack! ;)



I love the Death splinter and this summoner is really adding a totally new edge to it. And Back to Basics is a specially fantastic ruleset for Owster.

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Yes! Death is a great splinter, I suffer painful defeats against it when the opponent decreases my hit points and places cards with Redemption. With this summoner it gets even stronger.

You are so good at this game!
My first inclination would be to use him against Water, of course. But forgetting that people us a lot of magic in Earth too.
Great example battles!


How great that you enjoyed the battles Thank you very much for the compliment. I'm competitive, I have good cards, but in fact I'm still learning a lot compared with more experienced players. :)