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Creating a new game from scratch is not an easy task, so the developers thought about it in detail and it took a long time until the gameplay mechanics were revealed.


The goal was to present a fun and balanced game, and everything would still be subject to change, aiming for the best.

For the first time, the Splints were presented, representing each region of the Spliterlands universe: Fire, Water, Earth, Death, Life, and Dragon, which remain the same until today.

The concepts of Team, Battle, and Mana were also introduced, explaining the difference between Summoners and Monsters, as well as Mana, which limits the possibilities of sets of cards to be introduced in a Battle.

Then about the Dragon and that only the Summoners of this Splint could summon creatures from other kingdoms.


We know the Stats that also remain unchanged until today: Melee, Ranged, and Magic Attack, Speed, Health, and Armor. And a good amount of Abilities, although much less compared to what we have today.

One of the differences was that there was an idea that not only combining the cards but just playing battles, the cards could evolve and gain experience points to level up and increase their statistics and skills.

It was also explained that a big difference is that in Splinterlands there is no card shuffling before the battles, which reduces the luck character and makes it more like chess, as the player must think and carefully choose the order of the cards strategically.

So it was necessary to understand the order in which the cards attack or use their abilities and how that order could change depending on the ability of each monster.

Finally, a video of a battle between @aggroed and @yabapmatt was shown, which we reproduce here:

See the historic original post in full:
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Although a lot has changed we can see that the essence of the game remains the same, with a great balance between intelligence and simplicity, which I believe is the ingredient for so much success!

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