Why Mylor Crowling is so good and so expensive!

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Hi! I am back to show you some striking examples of battles that confirm why this summoner is revolutionizing our most beloved crypto game: Splinterlands!


The cards that are part of the new mini-set was released to replace the sold out Essence Orbs are known as ΛZMΛRÉ Dice and include 6 new summoners, one for each splinter.


The Earth splint has always been the strongest for me, after all, all the energy available in our world comes from the earth.

With the advent of this new summoner, players must reevaluate their strategies and be very attentive with certain ruleset / manacap and configurations of possible opponents in a battle.

Many situations that could have been favorable for other splints, now, playing in this usual way, one can suffer a bitter surprise (and defeat) when faced with this young man with a calm look who hides thorns.

Click on the images to watch the battle:

In this first battle, in a Silver League tournament, we can see that a lineup that until a little time ago would have been an easy victory for the Life team, has become a much more difficult task today.

Even with armor provided by summoner Tyrus Paladium, 2 cards with Repair ability: Armorsmith and Lone Boatman, and 3 cards with Sneak ability: Feral Spirit, Silvershield Assassin, and Elven Cutthroat, it was not possible for the white team to win.

Perhaps with the help of Triage, to recover hit points from your attackers, this would become reality, but the Life's splint does not have Triage here, its only card with this ability, the Herbalist, only acquires it at its maximum level.

Now in this second example again, in the ruleset Up Close & Personal, in which only melee attack monsters can participate, the powerful legendary summoner Crypt Mancer along with strong cards such as Lord of Darkness should have won easily in other times.

However what we see is an extremely balanced and exciting fight, and a spectacular victory for the side of Mylor where only his little pet chicken survived, a battle that is worth seeing again!

In the next episode, I want to go back to another Dice summoner that I love and it's even cuter in my opinion: Owster Rotwell! Don't miss it.

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mylor is my favorite out of the dice edition and yea it is a very good card! my addiction to it do cost me some battles tho lol

Yes he is Awesome, I also love Owster, Yodin, of course, is wonderful but it starts to get boring to use him so many times. Thanks @burlarj

zaku used to be my most used unfortunately most people realized that and i started having loss streak with it lol, so i kinda reduced my usage of the beast.....

i have level 5 and i am so sad it is so expensive😂

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@xawi, Without him you already crush your opponents, I'm afraid when you have it on MAX. :D

@tipu curate

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I missed the chance to get him cheap and now I am regretting not going all-in on Mylor. He is such a fun summoner to play.

Very well written article, by the way.

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Thank you very much! @monster-curator. Well here's one of the few advantages of being anxious and complusive about buying cards like me, I maximized them all in gold foil right from the start. :D