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RE: Splinterlands Daily Rewards and Profits #18

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Still a pretty nice haul considering the total amount earned. Although so many chests opened to get all that, I feel less enthusiastic to wanting to move up in ranking even if I could just to earn a couple more DEC. Not to mention it is more expensive to upgrade cards to higher levels now than ever before due to more demand. Really to seem it is worth it to invest into cards for the sake of earning daily quest rewards. Probably better for tournament play but I rarely play tournaments.


Yea, I think I have reached the point where complaining does nothing for anyone, its kinda old to have that attitude, we cant assume we should get big rewards all the time, the game must survive and it kinda should be harder to get good cards, in hopes that one day they will be worth way more due to rarity. So for me, I just want to let Burl play and earn, we get what we get and keep the good positive vibes going. To much negativity and I for one am over all that in all aspects. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your openings.