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At the beginning of every month, I keep track of my splinterlands decks' value for my primary and alt account. On March 1st, both decks' total value was $1147 ($876 primary + $271 alt). I noticed over the past week that the value has increased to $1652, which is a 44% increase. It's not crypto crazy price increases, but this is still a fairly chunky price increase, which came as a pleasant surprise.

DeckMarch 1st 2021March 25th 2021% Change
Main$ 875.00$ 1,227.0040%
Alt$ 271.00$ 425.0057%
Totals$ 1,146.00$ 1,652.0044%

What is causing the price increase?

Increase in players

In an official blog post, the splinterlands team had reported an increase in the number of new players signing up to play the game. Since the start of the year, the number of daily active players is constantly hovering around 6k+ players. The number of daily active players has been steadily increasing, as seen in the picture below.

Image 9.png

Source: HiveData.Space

DEC Price Increase

Until a few weeks ago, DEC's price was ranging between $0.60 to $0.70 per 1000 DEC. However, now the price of DEC is ranging between $0.75 to $0.90 per 1000 DEC.

Image 1.png

Source: CoinGecko

I would attribute this to the numerous fantastic partnerships that the splinterlands team has developed over the past month:

These are just a highlight of the some of partnerships that the splinterlands team has delivered over the past month. This is not factoring in the changes and other enhancements they are bringing to the player experience.

Increase Market Activity

The splinterlands market has also seen a 36% increase in market activity (USD).

MarketsMarch 1st 2021 USD VolumeMarch 24th USD Volume% Change
MonsterMarket$ 749.00$ 2,744.00266%
Splinterlands$ 4,290.00$ 4,119.00-4%
PeakMonsters$ 226.00$ 317.0040%
CardAuctionz$ 61.00$ 55.00-10%
Totals$ 5,326.00$ 7,235.0036%

Source: MonsterMarket

Older Editions Cards Increase in Value

Certain cards from the older editions are starting to increase in value. Using the fantastic splintercards tool (developed by @tehox), you can see that a single BCX card's price discrepancy is rising on the older editions cards.


Image 4.png


Image 5.png


Image 6.png

Benefiting from the NFT Craze?

This is an unfounded one, but I think maybe splinterlands is starting to benefit from the NFT craze. More and more people are playing crypto games in the hope of getting one of those sweet, sweet NFTs that can be sold for stupid money.

Image 7.png

The beauty of splinterlands is that every day you have a chance to unlock new NFTs by completing your daily quests. Some days you get lucky and get the following rewards (1 x legendary, 2x epic and 1 x rare).

Image 13.png


What else do you think is causing the price of splinterlands decks to increase? Please comment below.


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Pretty interesting! I like how they are integrating with other platforms like EOS and WAX opening the game up like that for everyone is going to be huge long-term. I don't feel like people have noticed that there are NFTs that can actually be used for stuff yet. I feel like splinterland might be the community that wakes people up.


Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

Very good! In my opinion the scarcity of cards since they can never be reprinted and is limited edition, as new players arrive these cards become more rare and valuable.