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I was thinking about splinterlands today, and I realized the one thing I love about splinterlands is that it has a healthy and thriving market economy on the hive blockchain. The recent introduction of the splinterlands market on WAX further opens up the possibilities and opportunities to expand its reach to a broader audience. This brings me to my burning question for today's post - how has the WAX splinterlands market performed compared to its hive counterpart.

WAX Splinterlands Data

First, let us see how splinterlands has fared on the WAX blockchain.

Image 1.png

Average daily numbers for the period from 16th Feb 2021 to 7th Apr 2021:

  • Average Number of Sales: 240
  • Average Volume (WAX): 4148
  • Average Volume (USD): $986

I am using the current WAX price ($0.237612) and basing the data on AtomicHub data. While these numbers are small, it's still good to see daily market activity on the WAX blockchain.

Hive Splinterlands Data

Secondly, let us see how active the splinterlands market is on the hive blockchain.

Image 3.png

Average daily numbers for the period from 16th Mar 2021 to 7th Apr 2021:

  • Average Number of Sales: 9219
  • Average Volume (DEC): 11932644
  • Average Volume (USD): $10622

I am basing the data on the MonsterMarket market usage data.


For me, it breaks down like this: WAX splinterlands market is still in its infancy, and the numbers are a 1/10th of the hive splinterlands markets. Nonetheless, as I mentioned above, it's incredible that splinterlands have expanded on to other blockchains. The main benefit for us as players is that it opens up opportunities to buy and sell cards on different markets. This is a topic that I will explore next to analyze which markets offer new players opportunities to build their splinterlands deck.


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