Earth Elemental Weekly Battle Challenge || Ep. #39 || Splinterlands

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This week's battle challenge focuses on the Earth Elemental:

The Earth Elemental, when properly summoned, takes the form of the terrain upon which it is summoned. It can be a tree, a pile of living mud, a sandstorm, the possibilities are endless. No matter the form, the Elemental has mystical healing powers that it draws from the planet itself.

Earth Elemental.png



A Beta/Alpha rare level monster from the Earth Splinter:

  • Earth Elemental Level 5 Stats - estimated cost $5.46
    -- Range damage: 2
    -- Speed: 2
    -- Healthy: 7
    -- Heal Ability: Restores a portion of the Monster's health each round (unlocked at level 4)

The Earth Elemental is a card I often use due to its low mana cost, high health and the healing ability to keep itself alive. In most of my Earth Splinter battles, Earth Elemental is more than likely found in the last position. I realize it doesn't do much damage nor does it have good speed, but I found the combination of high health and healing ability add to its usefulness especially in those long-running battles where its small damage does add up.

Battle - Full Battle Replay


Battle Details

  • Mana Cap: 23
  • Ruleset: Back to Basics, Rise of the Commons

This was a tough battle, and the rulesets didn't help me. Back to Basics results in all monsters losing their ability and essentially all monsters rely on their raw damage, speed and health. Not suitable for Earth Elemental who loses its healing ability. Nonetheless, my opponent outplayed me from start to finish; they had a primary tank with high armor and healthy and Range/Magic backline monsters doing combined damage of 9 vs my combined damage of 8. What this battle showed is how powerful Earth Elemental is at higher levels and when it is combined with other Range and Magic damage dealing monsters.


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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Yeah, sometimes the ruleset doesn't take your side.
But still, you had a nice lineup.
Keep on battling.