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Both of us know what a giveaway is. In its simplest sense, giveaways are competitions that are hosted, and you guessed it, offer the community amazing prizes in the form of free Splinterlands cards or DEC (Splinterlands in-game currency).

Why bother with giveaways?

Free and easy way to build up your Splinterlands card collection without having to spend any of your money. Did I say its free?

Over the past month, I have received the following cards from participating in giveaway competitions.

  • 1x Wave Runner ($0.011)


  • 1x Ant Miner ($0.012)


  • 1x Fineas Rage ($0.064)


  • 1x Grim Reaper ($0.047)


  • 1x Sand Worm ($0.039)


  • 2x Gelatinous Cube ($0.018)


  • 1x Barking Spider ($0.011)


Where to find these giveaways?

Since I have started playing Splinterlands, I have been part of its community on Discord. It is a thriving and active community with many channels dedicated to the game and aspects around it. In particular, there is a channel devoted to giveaways called #sl-giveaway-posts.


This channel is exclusive to community members posts about Splinterlands giveaway competitions. Get involve and support these fantastic community members who do these free giveaways on their own accord!


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Thank you for reading and hope you have a good rest of the day!

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I think the giveaway community here on Splinterlands is awesome. It is easy to dismiss a free low value card as not worth it but free is free and can help to build your deck. Thanks for highlighting this with your post.

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I start my journey from giveaways - I used to participate in giveaways and collect cards.... this is the one way to motivate the others and engage with the community...
Now my collection worth more then $800 (not only from the giveaways lol but yes from playing)
In past I was organizing the giveaways but afterwards because of the busy schedule not able to continue the giveaway.. but now again I am thinking of same again...
Thanks for highlighting ...
Thanks for highlighting.

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Nice tips for cheap cards!