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Have you ever looked around your splinterlands card collection and wondered how much they are worth? You indeed aren't alone if you have you. Both new and more seasoned players frequently wonder what the real monetary value of their collections amounts to.

The Different Values of Collectibles

You have to determine what form of value is required before deciding the value of your card collection.

  • The retail value is the price in the market that the card sells for.
  • The fair market value is the card's selling price that both the seller and the buyer agree on. Neither party must be under any obligation to make the deal, and all data that is important to the item must be made known to both parties, i.e., all cards will sell if the price is right.

Many players know about these additional monetary values:

  • The price that the player feels it is worth.
  • The price for the item the buyer wants to pay.
  • The current market price.
  • The actual price the card sells for, irrespective of whether it is sold on the market, sold to a private buyer, or sold to a dealer.

Criteria used to assess card collection' worth

Other variables are used to determine a card collection's monetary value.

  • The rule of supply and demand plays a vital role in assessing a collectible's worth. It can become more in need, pushing prices or lower demand upward, causing prices to fall.
  • Rareness
  • Aesthetic attraction

How much is my splinterlands card collection worth?

It is essential to use a source that gives current values while trying to evaluate your collectibles' monetary value. If the source is not up-to-date, the values you enter will not represent your card collection's current value.

There are two primary sources that I use in determining my splinterlands card collection:

  • Peakmonsters
  • Splinterlands Discord Bot


You will be able to determine your card collection value using the Collection page on peakmosters. I track my collection value using the Market Prices as this accurately reflects what the cards are selling for on the open market.


Splinterlands Discord Bot

On the official splinterlands discord, two channels are generally used for players to determine their card collection value:

On these channels, you send the following message, $stats splinterlands_account_name, e.g., $stats mercurial9, and the bot will show you the total USD value of your card collection.


Why the differences in the price?

The discord bot currently calculates the USD value as follows.


Source: Steem Monsters Discord Bot

As you can read, it's not an accurate reflection in terms of actual market value; hence why I prefer to use Peakmonsters to determine the value of my spinterlands card collection.


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