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With the all the upcoming changes to Splinterlands, the price of DEC has been increasing a lot lately. I wanted to put together a post to see how much DEC can I purchase with 4 Hive each on hive-engine.com and monstermarket.io.

Experiment 1 - hive-engine.com

When depositing Hive into hive-engine.com, there is a 1% fee on deposits and withdrawals and therefore I will be depositing 4.04 Hive to cover this fee.


The current price for 1 DEC on hive-engine.com is $0.00077 or 0.005023 Hive. I placed a buy order for 796 DEC which was successfully filled:

buy order.png

Experiment 2 - monstermarket.io

Purchasing DEC with 4 Hive translates to 756 DEC on the credits page on monstermarket.io:


The slippage is attributed to a bigger fee that monstermarket.io takes (3% processing fee). I did end up receiving more DEC than the quoted amount above:



Purchasing from monstermarket.io is convenient and simple to use, but this ease of use and convenience comes at an additional cost. In running this experiment I confirmed my suspicions that buying via hive-engine.com resulted in me receiving 24 DEC extra or close to 3% extra. Its not much, but I guess at bigger numbers and volumes these would have significant impact. What do you think? How else are you purchasing DEC for the upcoming land sales in Splinterlands?

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That's cool. I wasn't aware that MonsterMarket has that feature to buy DEC. Makes it quick and easy.



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Using them to deposit HIVE only takes a 0.25% fee; same goes for withdraws. From what I understand, that fee is used to buy and burn LEO.

Thanks for sharing! - @rehan12

The recent uptrend of DEC in the market (in terms of price) is indeed noticeable. I must say many users are hopping in to DEC and purchasing as much as possible in their own convenience. In the coming days hopefully DEC might even surpass the pegged value, fingers crossed 🙂