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I have received a comment on a recent post to provide tips for a new player struggling to win matches. This post will explore some tips that may help get a few more wins and help out with your daily quests while minimizing the frustration of losing many battles.

Level up Summoners

For any new players, the best initial investment into the game is to level up your summoners. It will pay itself forward as higher-level summoners will you to play higher level monster cards. Also, please take note of the summoner caps applied per league.

Image 33.png

For example in the Bronze league, the summoner caps are:

  • Common Summon: level 3 cap e.g. Delwyn Dragonscale
  • Rare Summoner: level 2 cap e.g. Bortus
  • Epic Summoner: level 2 e.g. Daria Dragonscale
  • Legendary Summoner: level 1 e.g. Yodin Zaku

Levelling up your summoners does improve your chances in winning battles as you can play higher level monster cards. If you take Bortus, the Water Splinter Summoner, and you level it up to level 2.

Image 36.png

A level 2 Bortus, allows you to play higher level monsters:

  • Common Monsters: level 3 e.g. Wave Runner
  • Rare Monsters: level 2 e.g. Ice Pixie
  • Epic Monsters: level 2 e.g. Mermaid Healer
  • Legendary Monsters: level 1 e.g. The Kraken

One of my favourite common level monster cards, Pirate Captain, at level 3, gets a +1 range damage and +1 speed which at Bronze league can be crucial.

level 1.png

Understand your playing stats

Another important tip is to understand your playing data. A recently released community tool, SplinterStats - Season Report Card, is a tool for looking at your playing data for the previous season.

Image 39.png

It provides so much data to explore and use to analyse your playing data. Still, you can also run it against other players which is very useful as you can understand what the top players in your league are doing differently.

Image 40.png

Utilise PeakMonsters Battlechain

The final tip for today's post is to utilise the PeakMonsters Battlechain and watching replays of similar battles to get an idea of what strategies other players are utilising for different rulesets and mana cap battles. Using a recent battle we can look for similar battles on PeakMonsters Battlechain.

Image 42.png

To view the battle's replay, click on the magnifying glass and on the popup click the replay button to view the battle on Splinterlands site.

Image 43.png

Image 44.png
These Splinterlands tips will always be helpful, no matter when you started playing. What other suggestions will be useful to improve your win rate in Splinterlands?


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Thanks for sharing! - @rehan12

Some very nice tips. I used to replay and watch the previous matches which gave out significant data on my mistakes and helped me improve a lot .