Top 4 reasons why I enjoy the splintertalk community and 1 area to work on as a splintertalk community || Ep. #46 || Splinterlands

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Creating a gaming community is just not about creating a discord server. It takes a lot of effort and time to get players together, corral them into a cohesive group, and keep in constant conversation.

Having an active and engaged gaming community is an excellent foundation for long-term success. It has a group of loyal individuals to your game and is willing to see you succeed. This post explores the top 4 reasons why splintertalk is great for splinterlands and one area for improvement.

Splintertalk community is filled with many different gamers and varying diverse backgrounds and opinions.

If you tried to ask the community, which is their best card, you would get so many different opinions. Bringing a diverse range of views means being able to have in-depth, organic, and informative discussions. A perfect way to sharpen your own intelligence is to be challenged to defend your idea of splinterlands, and the ensuing debates are certainly enjoyable.

Diversity is valuable and helps to refine further the views shared and acted upon in every community. Every splintertalk community member has a story, whatever the case may be, which is part of the key to understanding the community's value.

Passionate about splinterlands

Every day, we spend hundreds of hours of our lives just playing splinterlands, and the Splintertalk community does a great job of providing a platform for anyone to blog passionately about it.

Splintertalk is fun

The changes to splinterlands over the past few months and how the land sale has been conducted may say that the fun and game aspect of splinterlands may be lacking. However, on splintertalk, there are so many different posts being produced by people genuinely interested in having fun and blogging passionately about it.

Earn cryptocurrency tokens actively and passively

One of the overly positive benefits of contributing to the splintertalk community is that you can potentially earn 'spt' cryptocurrency tokens. These tokens can then be delegated to the monster-curator account to earn more tokens passively as the monster-curator account pays 100% of all tokens back to the members that delegate to it.

Community engagement

The one area I feel that we, as a community, need to get better at is actively engaging and commenting on each other's posts. This is one of the things that I feel the leofinance community gets right. Most posts on the trending page on splintertalk have a few comments (these exclude the twitter/posh/steemmonsters account comments). This speaks to the relatively low engagement.


Whereas if you look on leofinance's homepage, there are many more comments on posts, and the engagement is thriving.


What do you love about the splintertalk community, and how can it be improved?


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Let's keep that engagement going 👍

Do you think we need more manual curators to go alongside @monster-curator?

I actually think the manual curation job done by the @monster-curator team is fantastic. The posts on the trending page are of high quality. Please keep that up!!

I think in retrospect, I needed the call to action to be more clear and tell the commmunity members of splintertalk to be more engaging and promoting the community.

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Thank you sir!

I fully agree with the community engagement on Splintertalk. We need to incentivize that more. Monster-Curator will upvote more comments in the future but we are still waiting for some changes to our Discord bot before our curators can do that.

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Yes, I don't think we do a good enough job here. Talking to one another and stuff and supporting people who will buy cards with rewards.


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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

You got some nice points there.
About the engagement part that you talked in there... I think one should start commenting on more and more posts to get comments back in own posts.
Engagement seems like the return fire ability to me.