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With the recent announcements from the splinterlands team that the Untamed booster packs and land all completely sold out - it's an excellent period for the splinterlands team and the player base. It's incredible to see the game go from strength to strength. I have also been tracking daily player numbers, and splinterlands have consistently, for the past couple of month, been having 7k+ daily players, which is good and can only increase. However, I wanted to explore how the lands' functionality will work in splinterlands by looking at how it has been implemented in some other blockchain games—also theorising what may happen to the said splinterlands cards in the future.

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Firstly this entire piece is making an assumption based on known knowns, i.e. things that I am aware of and have experienced in other crypto games. It may be utterly different to what the splinterlands team has planned, but that's the point of having a community write blog pieces - they opinion pieces until the facts are revealed.


My frame of reference is R-Planet. For those who are not aware, R-Planet is a crypto 'game' on the Wax blockchain. Why do I say it's a 'game'? Only the first phase of the game has been released, where you can craft elements and these elements can be staked. I haven't bothered with that portion of the game, as I have exclusively focused on using their staking portion of their game.

R-Planet allows you to stake their in-game elements or rigs or external 3rd party NFTs to earn their in-game currency called Aether. Also, R-Planet does have land that enables players to earn land specific in-game currency, which can be traded for Aether and then Aether can be exchanged for Wax which Bittrex and Kucoin currently accept.

I am going over this quickly as I assume most people in the crypto game space have heard of R-Planet and their staking platform. Also, I am not going to discuss the tokenomics of Aether. I will save that for another post.

I want to focus on what happens to the price of 3rd party NFTs once they have been announced that their NFTs can be staked to the R-Planet. The most recent example was Street Fighter NFTs. Street Fighter NFTs just this week has been made available to be able to stake on R-Planet. What happened to the price of these Street Fighter NFTs? Almost all of the Street Fighter NFTs jumped up 1x - 2x in price. Why the jump in price? Now, these NFTs aren't just cool looking pieces of art on the blockchain; they now earn passive income on R-Planet by earning Aether on their staking platform. These Street Fighter NFTs (or any 3rd party NFT) now has additional value.

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What has this got to do with splinterlands? Well, firstly, splinterlands is a game first. Each NFT in splinterlands can be used to battle daily. What am I theorising is that once the functionality of the land gets released and more details about which monsters will be able to use on the lands. These monsters put to use on the lands will earn some reward (e.g. items or potions etc.). And what will happen to their price? My theory is that because these monsters will have use other than just being another card in a collection, their prices will increase. The ones that offer a higher reward (probably the Alpha or Beta edition), their price will escalate as more and more people start to understand how they can be used on lands.


Again, this could be so off the mark, but I am excited to see how it all plays out. One thing is for sure that splinterlands is in a very healthy space by blending actual game mechanics, active development team, engaged community and a healthy primary and secondary market economy.

Let me know what you think? How do you see the functionality of the land playing out?


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Thank you for reading and hope you have a good rest of the day!

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It's going to be some kind of crazy gamified micro DEFI heaven!

I think they'll be a few people retiring on their earnings!

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That would be awesome!

Well you know they're both big fans of DEFI - remember Farm Farmer....

If it can be imagined and coded, they'll do it!

Can you imagine the possibilities - you kind of have micro-defi - set up X Land and Y summoner/ monster like a pool/ farm and it yields some other kind of token (a potion/ weapon) that you can then use or, better yet, stake again in some way. Kind of gamified layered DEFI.

Actually that would make for pretty complex coding, so maybe it'll never happen!

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Can you imagine the possibilities - you kind of have micro-defi - set up X Land and Y summoner/ monster like a pool/ farm and it yields some other kind of token (a potion/ weapon) that you can then use or, better yet, stake again in some way. Kind of gamified layered DEFI.

They basically announced that in their ama's already. There will probably be pools for resources like wood paired with DEC. The coding is partly done with what they already build with Tribaldex pools. Resources are tokens that can be pooled.

However, I doubt that items and spells can be pooled. They will be limited supply assets that people need to specifically buy from the market.

What little I know about how land will work leads me to believe that the older edition cards and gold foil cards are going to explode in value.

Thanks for sharing! - @cornavirus

Interesting theories on what values land brings to Splinterlands. Great post