The thin red line between light and dark (Weekly updates on daily quests)


Before anything, check the new tag #Play2Earn = #Splinterlands on the official account. Basically, use them together on twitter to annoy the Power to Be.

The first season of July ended, and i got some nice rewards this time: 280 DEC, 9 Alchemy potions, 6 Legendary potions and 14 cards, including one Legendary (Spirit Druid Groog, Centauri Mage x 2, Ant Miner x 2, Harvester x 2, Chain Spinner x3, Demented Shark, Sand Worm, Phantasm and Nectar Queen). Total rewards value was $6.37.

As for the week, another Evangelist dropped in, for the monthly joint inter-region conference, yes! And plenty of other cards, Efreet, Pyromancer and one legendary Lich, even a Gold Demented Shark, so all is good, coroborated with the latest cards price increase overall.

11 Alchemy potions

5 Legendary potions

2173 DEC

22 monster cards (Demented Shark Gold, Demented Shark x 2, Captain Ghost, Centauri Mage x 2, Dark Ferryman x 2, Charlok Minotaur, Sand Worm, Efreet Elder, Evangelist, Warrior of Peacex 2, Nectar Queen, Harvester, Nightmare, Pyromancer, Barking Spider x 3, Ancient Lich)

Total value: $18.67

Actual stats for my account:

Number of cards: 258 - Common: 90, Rare: 73, Epic: 42, Legendary: 29
Alpha: 22 - Beta: 32 - Promo: 10 - Reward: 86 - Untamed: 84 - Dice: 24
## Gold cards: 23 ## BCX: 5522 ## Value: $ 4715.93 ##

On my 1 million STP target, I reached 972K, so I am not that far, with 4-5K coming every week from rewards. So, less than 6 weeks until there, if I am doing the battle challenge post every week. Airdrop closing by, I am saving my DEC tokens for the moment. I you want to play Splinterlands, give me a shout, and I may lend you some nice cards. My referral is .

All the best,



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Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

spirit druid grog is indeed a nice leg card and I think its still undervalued. nice post friend. keep playing splinterlands and vote awesome contents.


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