Latest Splinterlands untamed airdrop: BEATRIX IRONHAND

in Splinterlands4 months ago


The latest airdrop has landed in the form of Beatrix Ironhand. An epic Earth Monster. I was lucky enough to gain 9 new cards form the drop but it turns out that i have managed to purchase 620 Untamed packs over the past year or so. I never even realized that it was so many. I pick up a few from time to time when i get bored and want to open some.

I might have a problem....

I did also participate in the wax airdrop a few months back for 200 packs which bumped up the numbers a good bit and gained some wax cards of some kind. I don't know much about them.


The stats look ok but nothing spectacular.

  • Close range
  • Thorns
  • Cripple

It has some uses especially with the close range ability allows it to operate in the tank position but the health stats are a bit low to make it very useful.

I'll probably level it up to three with my free cards and see how it goes from there.

Still. Anything free is always a bonus.


Sweet thanks for the reminder, I claimed mine now and got 2. lol $1.84 worth not too shabby for a days clicking

Nicely done.
Free is free and it all adds up over time.
Just look at bitcoin. In a few years these could be worth $50 each. 😂