I got an Untamed pack in my quest rewards! And two epic cards in it!

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Untamed pack in my quest rewards!

My quest today was to win 3 battles without any neutral cards. The last one was won by using just one non-summoner card. The mana cap was just perfect that I could use the Sacred Llama card and Flesh Golem, who would then get the Last Stand ability, being the only card on the battlefield. The healing, the increased speed, and the increased life or whatever you call that, and it just tore through everyone in the beginning of the sixth round.


I decided to just go ahead and open it even though I only had the one potion you see also in these rewards. I figured it'll just be like I got a card, a potion, 5 DEC, and 5 more cards. Well, I'm glad I did decide to open it because I got two epic cards in it!


The thing about packs is that, even with two epic cards, this still isn't even worth the $2 a pack costs to buy normally. Because I got it for free, I'd say it's damn good, though. I went to MonsterMarket to see what it was worth. I'm pretty happy with that. It's exceptional as far as rewards from a single quest in the Silver I league goes.


that's a screenshot from https://monstermarket.io/analyze-openings

I kept the cards. Right now, I sell the DEC I earn from playing on this account, but when I get cards, I keep them if I need them. I have some gold cards, so if I get the regular version of those gold cards, I'll just burn or sell them and power up Hive, but not on this particular account.


Good for you!

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