Neutral Element Daily Quest, Diamond League !

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Peace, Hivean

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The quest of the day was primarily on the fire element but my current packs did not count many powerful fire monsters so it was better to switch to another quest rules. I randomly got the Neutral quest for the day adventure on the Splinterlands battle ring.




My reward at the end of this quest was not bad. I got a Gold Undead Rexx, which is the second gold card I received this season so far. Many DEC tokens as rewards then our much well deserve potions.

Battle rule set : Heavy hitters and low mana 13

I found very interesting the damage that the magic cards can inflict when the battles require less than 20 point in total as mana. My strategy worked even though much adapted combination could have been proposed for this rule of battle. Gold dragon at maximum level did all the offensive part of this set of cards on my side of the board.




Battle rule set : Close range, rise of commons, low mana 16

Vimukthi summoner is not frequently put on the board of the game. I recall have seen this summoner only three time since the season started two weeks ago. I played many battle in bronze gold the diamond league so Vimukthi was a surprise in the battle. On my side the strategy was simple since I put the earth element summoner on the board. Orc sergeant level 6 had one mission that was to boost all team monster melee point. Flesh Golem level 4 in first position successfully complete the mission. I hope to play against Vimukthi very soon.




Battle rule set : Silenced summoners, Earthquake and 99 mana

This battle was so funny as there was not limit in the selection of high mana cards. My dragon summoner Camila Sungazer combine with life element cards made the different against the earth element cards invoke on the opposite side. Magic attack quickly diminish the opposition toward our victory.




Battles lost during our daily quest were enormous. The strategies adopted in the matches displayed below were not efficient at all. Our power to defend and attack were too low compared to the opponent selection of cards. We have learnt much during this Diamond Quest.






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Rule set Silenced summoners and Earthquake

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Rule set Close range, rise of the commons

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Rule set Heavy hitter and low mana

summonner Camila Sungazer vs Kretch Tallevor

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