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Welcome to another edition of Platypus-Dundee's Hints & Tips series. Today we are going to investigate the official document site (White Paper) which can be found at docs.splinterlands

This site answers so many of the common questions asked everyday about splinterlands, I implore everyone to give it a good read but for now I'll go through and try to highlight a few things and give a summary of each section, I'll also link each heading to the official Doc's page.

  • Welcome to Splinterlands
    • Here we find a quick run down about the game and its goals.
  • Summoner's Spell book
    • This section explains the what, how and whys of the spell book.
  • Support
    • Gives links to all the official support resources provided by the game.
  • Gameplay
    • This section is broken into 8 sub-sections:
      • Learn to Play: Offers a link to the official tutorial and other advice to learning the game.
      • Types of Cards: Which also drills down into Summoners / Monsters / Gold Foil Cards to explain each type individually.
      • Building a Collection: This section offers advice on the starter set and ways to build your own collection.
      • Drafting a Team: Goes through the process of building your deck ready for battle.
      • League: A quick run through of how the leagues and tiers work with corresponding power/rating requirements and EoS chest reward amounts.
      • Seasons: Another quick run through of how seasons work.
      • Collection Power: A brief but important explanation of collection power and what that means throughout the game.
      • Tournaments: Goes through the different tournaments available from the game.

  • Cards
    • This section is broken up into 11 subsections:
      • Card Rarities: This one is super handy to get a good look at as it explains the chances of finding those all important Gold Foil Legendries!
      • Combining Cards: Here we find how combining cards works and what BCX is!
      • Card Stats: This section is broken up into 7 more sub-sections with brief explanations of each; Health / Attack / Abilities / Mana Cost / Speed / Armor / Splinter.
      • Booster Packs: Again drills down into subsections but only 4 this time; Purchasing Booster Packs / Tokenising Booster Packs / Opening Booster Packs / Booster Pack Potions.
      • Sets/Editions: 5 subsections this time with them being; Alpha / Beta / Untamed / Promo / Azmare Dice.
      • Reward Edition: Has it's own little section but hasn't been updated to include the new Chaos Legion themed reward cards, which I believe will get released / updated when the Chaos Legion white paper let out into the wild.
      • Gold Foil Cards: GF or GFL is something you will read / hear a lot in the game of splinterlands. This section explains the ins and outs of these much sort after cards.
      • Card Supply: A short explanation as to how the supply limit of cards works
      • Card Market: Drills down into 3 subsections describing; Buying Cards / Selling Cards / Using Bids on Peakmonsters.
      • Sending Cards to Other Players: Includes a section on card cool downs and how they work.
      • Rentals & Delegations: This has 3 subsections consisting of; The Card Rental System / Delegating Cards / Peakmonsters

  • Rewards
    • This next section is broken up into 5 sections and goes through the most important part of the game, the different type of rewards and how to get them!
      • Ranked Battle Rewards: Explains DEC / Ranking Points / SPS. The SPS has it's own white paper and the link to that can be found in here.
      • Daily Quest Rewards: The meat and ale of the game.
      • Season Rewards: A brief summary of Seasons rewards but better covered in the earlier section.
      • Loot Chests: Explains the how’s and whys of loot chests.
      • Creating Content: Some info on where to post content and how to earn SPT (SplinterTalk Tokens).
  • Guilds
    • 3 categories make up this next subsection and explains how guilds work and what the buildings do.
      • Buildings: Goes through; Guild Hall / Quest Lodge / Arena / Barracks
      • Crowns: I'll save you a click, not much but this "Crowns are the cooperative Guild currency that are earned for victories in Brawls."
      • Brawls: Not much here either "Brawls are large-scale tournaments in which Guilds fight together against other Guild, competing to earn Crowns and racing to level their Arenas."
  • Dark Energy Crystals (DEC)
    • Probably the reason most Splinterlands players play the game, so here are 5 subsections explain DEC, how to get it and everything else about how it works.
      • Earning DEC: Pretty self explanatory but a couple of things here you might not know.
      • DEC Supply: One of the most important pages in understanding the in game economy, put this one on speed dial.
      • Burning Cards for DEC: An outdated mechanic with todays prices but a valid strategy once upon a time.
      • DEC Markets: A list of DEX's that DEC can be traded for and against; Hive-Engine / Uniswap / Cub Defi / Steem Engine / TribalDEX / TronTrade.
      • Providing Liquidity: A list of DEX's that provide liquidity pools.

  • Splinterlands Credits
    • Using Fiat for in game purchases with Paypal or crypto
      • Purchasing Credits with ERC-20 Coins: "There are some additional terms and fees when purchasing Credits with ERC-20 (Ethereum) tokens." So if this is you, give this page a thorough read!
  • Splintershards (SPS)
    • Has a link to the SPS white paper but also gives a brief summary on the common questions surrounding the newly formed governance token.
      • Staking Splintshards: Find information here on staking SPS.
      • Moving Splintershards: Find information here regarding the moving and transferring of SPS.
      • SPS Airdrops: Again just a brief summary as more in-depth info can be found in the SPS white paper.
      • Exchanges: Lists a few exchanges that trade in SPS.
  • Hive BlockChain
    • Essential reading for everyone on the HIVE network. Hive is funky to get used to and this section should really help you understand the inner workings about how hive works.
      • Account & Keys: I can't stress enough how important this section is to read and understand.
      • Hive Keychain: In my honest opinion the most important extension you can use if you are going to be interacting with the hive network. Think of it as a password manager for your keys.
      • Hive Dapps: A handy list of Dapps on the hive network.
      • HIVE: This has 2 sections; Acquiring HIVE and HIVE power.

I’m just going to go briefly through the last few bits; Other Blockchains; a list of other associated blockchains and how to link them. Company Timeline; shows company history and a projected roadmap. Links; A variety of official and 3rd party sites for the Splinterlands game. Splinterlands Founders; Profiles of the two legends (@Aggroed & @Yabapmatt) who made all this possible! and finally Partners; which is yet to be updated.

Well there you have it splinterinos, does that work? Not sure but I'll go with it for now, anyhow I hope you found that as exhilarating and as entertaining as I did writing it but seriously go through the site as it will really broaden your understanding of how the game runs and why the game works and does things the way it does.

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