Splinterlands Challenge of the Week - Feral Spirit on the Rampage!

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This week's Splinterlands Challenge of the Week is to share a battle featuring the most excellent sneaky Feral Spirit.

This is one of the Beta cards that I maxed out during the TH Bot rage quit sell-off, and at L10 he's pretty fearsome - 4 damage and fast, with sneak, and not too bad health for three mana either, meaning he can handle a thorny defence fairly easily if you play him with triage, which the life splinter can offer easily enough!

The Feral is one of the few cards which has the wonderful feature of doing more damage than its mana, which is something I really like!

The battle below features the Feral playing a pretty major role!

The Rule Set and Line Up

  • 44 mana, but not really because it's
  • Little league - generally good for the Feral or any sneak card given the typically lower health of lower mana cards.
  • Magic hits armour, so I guess no advantage to playing magic, less relative disadvantage to melee attacks.

Screenshot 20201221 at 18.46.44.png

Summoner - Tirus

  1. The werewolf - the standard low mana life splinter tank!
  2. Armoursmith - repair to go with my shields given the magic/ armour rule.
  3. The Elven Mystic - silence and affliction and two damage. Nice!
  4. The Feral - 4 sneak attack, what's not to like!
  5. Truthspeaker - shields 1 and cleanse and heal
  6. Tower Griffen - more shields and flying defence against sneak.

Did my strategy work?

Beautifully, to see it in action click here!

  • Round 1 - Boom! Feral kicks off and takes out NW's shields, and there's a lot more going on - my shields defend at the back, my affliction sticks on the Turtle which is nice, nasty blast attack from the Eels. no losses though!
  • Round 2 - Boom! Feral strike 1 on the Naga Win Master, goodbye shatter! And at the end of the round, he loses his Turtle, thanks to the affliction!
  • Round 3 - Boom! Feral takes out the Wraith's shields and it's not looking good, for my opponent as he also loses his Eels, just because of my cumulative attacks and thorns. Meanwhile, I still have a full house thanks to heal and repair.
  • Round 4 - Boom! Feral strike 2 - he takes out the Wraith! No further losses this round.
  • Round 5 - it's all over, he loses both his mermaid and then....
  • Round 6 - Boom! Feral takes out the Crustacean, fitting for the challenge that the Feral lands the final blow!

Here's where we end up - full house for me still!

Screenshot 20201221 at 19.00.19.png

How important was The Feral?

He was absolutely crucial - taking out two monsters from the back all by himself was a really significant contribution - especially since the NW had shatter, and shields were crucial to my defence.

Having said that, all of the other cards played their part in both the defensive line up - with shields, double silence, cleanse and repair working to that crucial tank alive and active.

And my attack from the front was just as important - with the Elven mystic playing an equally significant role to the Feral.

Final Thoughts: The Feral - worth levelling up?

For me it's a big phat YES! This is a great card to have in your Life splinter arsenal - he's really useful combined with the Silvershield Assassin when the rule sets favour melee and sneak attacks.

I picked my Feral up for CHEAP in the recent BOT sale, I think a maxed one was around the $20 mark, it may have been less.

The problem you've got now is that even a level 9 will cost you a cool $50!

Screenshot 20201221 at 19.07.50.png

So maybe if you want one, a good strategy is to go for a level seven, where he tips up to two damage....

Although if you MUST play sneak, you might find cheaper options in other splinters!

If you don't yet play Splinterlands, why not give it a go?

Anyone using my referral link will receive a free rare card!

Some more battles featuring the Feral:





My Life summoner needs levelling up and it's my weakest. That may be my next investment. Feral Spirit has been used against me plenty of times.

It's certainly one of the better Beta cards!


A lot of my cards are betas as that is what I got initially. One I am using a lot is Skeleton Assassin. He does a lot of damage once he gets poison.

He is pretty awesome with the Death Splinter, poison is a great ability!

Unless it's being used against you :)

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He's essential in my Life lineup, but only at lvl8 as I refuse to increase my summoners beyond 6.

He's still a beast at Level 8.

Financially it's a good move to hold your summoners down at that level, same with legendaries at L3 rather than 4.

I would offer you a bet on what I'm about to predict but you won't take it because you'll instantly know i'm right:

LAND will be set up so that the the returns you get for staking a maxed summoner or legendary make it worth maxing the cards in the long run.

It's so obvious that's what they'll do.

LAND will be set up so that the the returns you get for staking a maxed summoner or legendary make it worth maxing the cards in the long run.

It's so obvious that's what they'll do.

It's a business and they have never shied away from that. Pay to play.., I do OK at it in the upper Diamond leagues. Happy to stay there.

Level 10... Wow!!!

It was on sale a while back!

What a card and what a steal you got it for!

I'm pretty happy with it, I have to say!

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Well, it's a fantastic one.
What should I say about the lineup? That's really awesome.
You had a nice strategy there, it seemed.
I liked those points that you added inside the post.
Keep on battling.