Splinterlands Rare Card Giveaway

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Hello everyone,

Okay, time to give away a card so I will do that first. It was from this post
The winner is.

20200907 19_48_24Window.png

Congrats to @pitut05 hope it helps you a little.

20200907 19_49_44Window.png

Okay now for the next card I am going to give away I will ask you a question. You have to answer the question or you won't be in the draw. I don't care what you say but it has to be an answer just to make sure I don't get bots in here. So here is the question.

Are you buying cards right now?

Any other comments won't count and this will only be up on hive.

I am picking up a lot of rare cards that people are selling for under 10 cents. I never get why they are so cheap. I like to put a few dollars in there and there and buy up a handful. I also grab new legendary cards when they are under 2 bucks. I figure why not. I can make that back in DEC playing the game and if the market goes a lot these cards will be worth at least double.

I will also answer the questions.

Now for what most of you want to know. What card can you win this week?

20200907 19_50_13Window.png

You can win a Hobgoblin one he is out of print so might be worth more in the future.


I decided not to invest any more money after the recent changes, as I would have to invest a multiple of the initial spellbook cost to even have the slightest in-game benefits.
Card values might be underrated, but I don't see a bullish movement anytime soon.

I stopped buying long time ago. What you invest in is losing value with every new change in the game.

Only with DEC I win in the game or on here :)

I am buying a lot of cards whe i have DEC available to get grow my DEC Power.

I don't have money to buy right now

I don't have money to buy right now

I don't have money to buy right now

I am not buying cards right now because my DEC earnings are low and I have to explore the game first because I am a newbie. Maybe in the future I will buy some to level up my current cards.

By the way, thank you very much. I like the card and it's a big help.😊

I just exchange cards from other players if the one I need is available but I'm planning to buy dice pack.

I am buts strategically. Saving up the coins to make decks stronger. But also within summoner levels for the league I got stuck in. Not in a hurry to buy it all fast, also coz I don't have the cash.

Yes I am buying LOTS of cards with DEC right now! I bought just yesterday, 2 Prince Ryenns from cryptoeater at a bargain price!