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Good day, Splinterland warriors!
How are you all doing this season? I hope everything is fine. Today's post will be about my battle with Pelacor Arbalest. Last week's battle challenge had this as its theme. So if I keep talking about it, it will still be fresh.

If you are unfamiliar with this card, this post may assist you in maximizing the potential of Pelacor Arbalest. In my experience, this card is very useful in combat but requires assistance from other cards to avoid being knocked out too quickly.

Speaking of Pelacor arbalest, this is a chaos edition card from the life element. I was fortunate to obtain it in the gold series. Its fundamental ability is double attack. At level 5, after combining seven gold cards, you will gain an additional skill, namely flying. With these two abilities, Pelacor Arbalest can transform into dangerous combat soldiers.

Use summoner general Sloan to maximize the potential of the Pelacor arbalest. Aside from that, use several supporting cards to protect the Pelacor arbalest, who are vulnerable to attacks from monsters with opportunity abilities.

In this fight, I was able to demonstrate how pelacor arbalest can be excellent attackers. With a 6-point attack in each round. However, it is possible due to skill support from other cards on the team.

I chose the chaos knight to be the front-line guard. The chaos knight shield's ability, reduce arrows and melee attacks from his opponent.

The Time mage comes next. I chose the time mage because of his ability to slow down opponents. Of course, his magical attack can also cause the opponent's frontal defense to collapse.

The leech stitch is used next to break the opponent's combat formation in the back with sneak abilities.

The Pelacor arbalest, which has a double attack, is the next option. The final one is the chaos agent. My chaos agent is stationed at the rear of my battle formation to protect the Pelacor arbalest from sneak and opportunity attacks.


The enemy put the xenith monk in front. As a tank, the xenith monk appears to rely on a large number of health points. But, thanks to the time mage's ability to slow down the opponent, I was the first to attack. And the Pelacor arbalest had already knocked him out before the xenith monk attacked.

The albatross was propelled forward by the removal of the xenith monk. However, the albatross became the direct target of the chaos knight.

The deeplurker attacked the chaos agent right away, as I predicted. If the chaos agent does not exist, the deeplurker's target is the pelacor arbalest.

The merdaali guardian can no longer be moved by the Pelacor arbalest attacks in the second round. As a result, the merdaali guardian was quickly removed.

Deeplurker stepped forward, only to be attacked by monsters in my battle line.


I benefited from enemy formations that relied on healing in this fight. As a result, the attack from my combat troops, which amounted to 11 attack points to the enemy at the start of each round, will be unaffected by the enemy's 3-point healing.

Furthermore, the enemy with the opportunity ability, namely the deep lurker, poses the greatest threat. It's just that as a sacrifice to save the Pelacor arbalest, I can divert the attack to the chaos agent. The enemy is also rendered helpless by Leech Stitch's attack, which continues to drain the Deep Lurker's health points.

Another advantage is that the enemy believes I'm using a magical attack formation. Because of the scarcity of battle mana points, most players in Splinterlands will employ cards with magical attack types. As a result, summoner Sloan is rarely used in battles with 24 mana points.

And consider the performance of the pelacor arbalest, who has double attacks; this is equivalent to sending two cards into battle, but you only see one. This is what an archer-type summoner can use for an additional 1-point attack boost.

I can easily win this fight if I take advantage of everything. 👌

You've reached the end of my article on weekly challenges. Thank you for sticking with me this far.

🍃 Much appreciated. Terima kasih banyak. Muchas gracias. 🍃

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