"Attaching Screeching Vulture" GIF Image of my own Drawing

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Hi there Lovely and Creative people of Hive World,
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I work on my drawing of #splinterlands monster character "Screeching Vulture" and create a GIF of it, where she is attaching on my Signature :D.

Step forward then backward and ATTACK!


Drawing/Still Image

Post Link


Software I used :

Adobe Illustrator CS6 for creating different moves of the character
Adobe Image Ready 7.0 for creating GIF by frames


Steps :

Yesterday I tried to understand Synfig Studio but not get success on that. So go back to ImageReady and create GIF on it.
Below you can check different moves of the character that I used in the frames for making GIF







I create animated GIF of Splinterlands Monster "Screeching Vulture".
Splinterlands is block-chain based collectible card game, where player can earn crypto by winning battles and by completing daily quests and much more. User can also trade their cards on the market.
If you are interested to join the game, here is my Ref Link and you can visit FAQ to know more about it... :)


Hope You like it,
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What a cool animation.


Thank You :)

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Well, well, well... it's really a fantastic one.
Nicely done.

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Wow, pretty cool drawing! I like it! Scary vultures, look kind of cute here! haha


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