My Drawings of Splinterlands Character on NFT Showroom

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Hi there Lovely and Creative People of Hive World,
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I have drawn couple of #splinterlands Monster characters for weekly Monster art contest in last few weeks or so.
And recently I have tokenized those Drawings so anyone can buy it on #nftshowroom.

These are my hand drawings that I recently tokenized to NFTShowroom


Buy it here Price 20 SWAP.HIVE ($2.110)


Buy it here Price 20 SWAP.HIVE ($2.113)


You can also find other Splinterlands Characters GIF/Drawings and other art work on My NFTSHOWROOM GALLERY Visit Here

Splinterlands is the block-chain based card game, that allow its player to earn crypto by winning battles and daily quests etc.
You can also buy/sell or trade cards on the market as well.
If you wish to join the game just click my Ref Link, and visit FAQ for getting more knowledge about the game.


Hope You like it,
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Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

You draw very well! Congratulations

Thank you for appreciation :) and support

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