Splinterlands LP Farms and Season Rewards

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Sorry I was a few days late guys just been busy. The last one of the comments asked about the LP pools and how they work so I go over them in this video but after my Season Rewards collecting. Do you think I got a big reward? Have to watch to find out. I also show users how to put funds into the Cub Finance pool. I hope that if you take some time to watch this it shows you that Splinterlands might not seem like a yield farm but it almost works like one. The more you put in the more you can get out.

Join Us in The Splinterlands: https://splinterlands.com?ref=stever82
If you buy your spellbook let me know I will give you some DEC if you use my link.

Cub Finance
Uniswap Info Site (eth address needed)
BSC LP Info Site

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

@tipu curate

The Cub Finance stuff you have there was a bit interesting. I didn't deposit anything except for my airdropped CUB into the DEN but it wasn't much. The information about adding to the liquidity pool is nice as I was personally planning on going into the CUB DEN or bLEO/BNB pool using my LEO earnings to diversify my earnings.

Also thanks for the DEC.

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Congrats jfang003

Every nice... splinterlands. Me every day plaiying friends

I eventually got myself into the DEC-BUSD pool because my DEC was just sitting around doing nothing. I've been waiting to save up a larger amount before I added more so I was interested to see that you are adding relatively small amounts at a time.

I think I need to watch the video again and maybe slow it down a bit as I'm still learning the LP stuff.

With regard impermanent loss it would only be a loss if I was attached to having DEC wouldn't it? What I lose in DEC I gain in BUSD. Is that correct?

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well, the way the impermanent loss could be bad is if the DEC vs BUSD goes down.
Say you put in 100 BUSD and that made you put in 100000 if the peg was 1000 DEC is 1 BUSD and then over time DEC peg drops to 1000 is only 0.8 BUSD. Then you need to look at this chart.

LP for dEC.png

This is the rule for LP as your assets move you can lose money. Now the higher price part of this chart doesn't matter for DEC pair as it will never, in theory, go over 1000 to 1 BUSD by more than a little but still in that case as it goes up you lose a little bit because you would have been better just hold dec but you do gain money just not as much if you just held it.

I put a few arrows at around that lowest I see DEC for longer times 1000 equal .70 BUSD. That little area is you lost is only a few % points 5% at most I think but could be off by a little so if DEC fell down and you went to pull that same 200 dollars out you would only get %190 dollars and it would be more DEC and Less BUSD. Hope that helps a little.

Thanks for the extra information. I just can't get my head around this at all.

I think I'm just going to keep putting my DEC in the Farm and hoping it works out for the best. I didn't realise that I could end up with less than if I just hodl'd it. I thought it was just a question of which coin you ended up with that people were concerned about because they preferred one over the other.

Where does the value of CUB come into this given that that's what we are farming? Doesn't that help to write off any losses?

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Ya the other part of this is if the coin you are farming goes up more than any losses then you are winning and cub have been doing pretty good holding its value.

good video again; I still need to wrap my head around the DEC pooling but I'll rewatch your video on it.

Quick question: I've been doing the Splinterfest in DCity when available...do you think that's worth continuing? Thanks Steve!

If you earn a lot of dec then 500 isn't that much to get those gamer cards and maybe a pack I do it but I earn a pretty good amount of DEC. DCity does have a V3 coming that should bring some life back into that game.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to V3 too. I'm excited about what that game yields us all in another year.

I wasn't knowing that there had DEC pool!

Congrats on the Gold Legendary, that's pretty lucky - though you are getting a ton of reward chests :D Also congrats to Jfang, I feel like he's been winning a lot of contests lately, but good for him :D

I put a little bit of DEC and BUSD in the CubDefi pool, but man, I had to jump through a ton of hoops to get the BNB in there to do the transactions at the time! I haven't put anything into Uniswap, because Eth fees are crazy. I might try to put a little into the Tribal Dex pool, but haven't made that jump yet. Too many things in game that I actually want to spend my DEC on too!

ya buying cards with your dec isn't a bad move at all they are going up a lot.

I Thought My GOBLIN MECH Had You, Damn !
Nice Victory 4 You @stever82

haha thanks

Woo-Hoo! Congratulations! I want to thank you for going through all this effort to teach/explain everything. The video was great because it didn't drag and moved right along! My mission this year is to learn more about the entire game and to have the same luck in cards that you do!

That was cool! Thanks!

Thanks for checking it out.

My pleasure! You did a great job!