Splinterlands Hosted Dygycon 3 Did You Get SWAG?

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I hope you are all doing okay I know the market is down isn't fun but for those of us with Splinterlands cards, we have a good hedge. In this video, I go over a few updates to the game and talk about the fun I had at Dygycon. It was cool to hang out and talk with people and check out a few new projects. I go ahead and talked about a few of them and share with you some of the stuff they sell and have planned. I hope you enjoy the extra content this week. You can enter to win 1000 DEC still on the hive post alone if you leave a comment there with something about the video. I can't wait to do my video next week when the "Big Announcement" will have happened. It should be a pretty fun video to make. If you are watching this on 3speak you can comment there.

Youtube Video:

00:03 Intro
01:00 Going Over Last Post and Card Values
02:12 Last Weeks Winner
03:11 Splinterlands Update
06:42 What is Dygycon?
09:10 Hidden Gems
10:51 Blockchain cards
12:54 Ultra Rare
14:54 Wrap Up

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I did get Very Lucky over a Year ago with Mystery Potion, I got an Archmage Arius ........

Thanks for the Update @stever82

So sad I got distracted and missed out on Dygycon. Thank you very much for your 1000DEC transfer for my comment on your last post. Much appreciated.

Congrats AlmightyMelon :/ So close, lol.

I had kind of a bad Saturday, and only got like 10 minutes to log into DygyCon and run around trying to find free Swag. I was really hoping to get to spend longer at the event.

Yea, the cryptocurrency price dip is also kind of a pain. I ended up shifting most of my WAX into Splinterlands land claims instead. I'm hoping that will be a good long term investment, and people were selling them for only like $14-16 :/

Curious to see Hidden Gems... first I've heard about it and so far most WAX "games" haven't really had much of a game to them. Also didn't know that you could burn some of those shirts to get real shirts! Anyhow, thanks for the info!

I register for it for the first time, but it was asking for a code that I did not know where to find it, so i couldn't connect to it.

sorry once the event starts the code is not needed, it only in place for people presenting to get in early

BlockChaincards is a good dude , i had a limit of 1 on the slice howd you end up with so many?

I bought them from the people selling them for under 1 wax because they got it free.

Hey Steve,

Great video! It was great seeing you at DYGYCON 3, I hope you stopped by the Sir Snorfkin booth and got yourself an NFT! Hope to see you at the next event 😊

-Sir Snorfkin

I dead head to your booth and checked it out and filled out your stuff I had meant to follow up on your stuff.

nice vid. I started playing splinterlands on the 22 so i missed the digy event. I already followed you on youtube and here so i would really appreciate if you would make videos like this when this kind of things comes out. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

Amazing event!

Unfortunately, I couldn't attend due to different time zone.

I tried to attend Dygycon, but couldn't get it to work. :-(
I am kind of happy about the markets being down, perfect time to buy since they will go up again. ;-)