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Warmest of Greetings, traveler. Welcome to our newspaper, dealing with all things Khymerian. May you be filled with Life, and may your time with us be as enlightening as your journey is arduous.

A Brief Welcome

Hello dearest readers and welcome to Khymeria, the lands of light and life. We are reporting to you from the Great Market Square in Central Shimmer City and we wish you well.

We vow to bring light to the news of the day and keep all of you as informed as we can.

Without further ado, let's get into it!

Feral Spirits in Khymeria

Recently, Feral Spirits all across Khymeria have been acting oddly. Perhaps simply living up to their name; perhaps something else is affecting them; regardless, they have been increasingly combative and erratic.

The leading theory is that "The Burn" is affecting these creatures much as it is everyone else in our fair lands.

Until further notice, The Shimmer City Council recommends everyone refrain from cuddling, petting, or feeding the Feral Spirits until further notice.

Whale of a Sighting!

Recent reports of an alarming beast have leaked from Cloudgard, the seat of the Silver Shield. Described as a threat so massive, it will likely take groups of fighters to take these huge beasts down.

Little beyond the threat itself is currently known and both the Silver Shield and The Praetorian Wizards have agreed to keep an eye on these incidents. Both organizations have also agreed to keep the denizens of The Splinterlands informed.

Below is an early image taken from the reports of an expedition led by King Fredian. The small group began hunting the Whale-Bear long ago though specifics of the expedition have been lost to time.


Currently, @aggroed Lightbringer, one of the most powerful Wizards of Praetoria released this revised image of the Whale-Bear along with a statement saying that it has been spotted getting ever closer to the civilizations of the Splinterlands. According to the Praetorian Wizards, guilds of summoners are being organized to help combat this and other similar beasts.


With only these small tidbits of information, The Glow hopes you all stay safely away from this and all other monstrous beasts. May the Light protect you all.

Local Heliostone Market Braced for Flood of New Stones

We are all aware of the need for Khymerians to obtain large quantities of Heliostones to help stave off "the Burn." The disease, in recent years, has been seemingly worsening and Heliostones are the one thing that seems to alleviate the symptoms.

Without alarming anyone, there have been reports of people having trouble concentrating and suffering from intrusive violent thoughts. The Shimmer City Council has agreed to hire more social workers to help those affected deal with these worsening symptoms.

In addition to the social support, those few Heliostone dealers in the market have been attempting to purchase more of the needed stones from the Gloridax brokers of Draykh-Nahka. Whether they are successful or not, the reality of our lives here in Khymeria is that we all will one day need those stones.

Hopefully the land being revealed by the Praetorian Wizards will open up new markets for the Heliostones we need so badly. Light willing of course.

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