Opening report of 11 Mystery potions #2

in Splinterlands3 months ago


Second Mystery Potions report, at this link the previous one:

I got the bundle of 10 plus 1 for free.
The base cost is 12,000 DEC but I paid a little less for them because of the guild discount, but for this report we will assume the base cost.
So average cost for 11 potions is 1090 DEC per potion.

Here is the report of these 11 days

DayRewardDEC value
11 Common reward card40
21 LAND PLOT claim!20.000
31 Common reward card40
41 Common reward card40
51 Untamed2.000
61 LAND PLOT claim!20.000
710 Alchemy potions400
81 Untamed pack2.000
91 Untamed pack2.000
101 Common reward card40
111 Untamed pack2.000


NET GAIN: +36.560 DEC


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Nice ROI!

THIS is how you advertise mystery potions 🙌🏾 lol