Report of the opening of 11 Mystery potions

in Splinterlands3 months ago (edited)


11 days ago I decided to buy Mystery Potions, I got the bundle of 10 plus 1 for free.

  • The base cost is 12,000 DEC.

I paid a little less for them because of the guild discount, but for this report we will assume the base cost.
So 12K DEC for 11 potions (one is free if you get 10)
Average cost 1090 DEC per potion.

Here is the report of these 11 days

Day 1 = a Mystery potion
ok... restart

DayRewardDEC value
11 Untamed pack2.000
21 Untamed pack2.000
31 Untamed pack2.000
41 Quest potion750
510 Alchemy potions500
61 Quest potion750
71 Quest potion750
81 Untamed2.000
91 LAND PLOT claim!20.000
101 Common reward card40
111 LAND PLOT claim!20.000


I have to say I was very lucky, two Land Plot claims are a great hit

I think I'll take 11 more potions