Splinterlands NewBoost on March 2nd

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Gearing up for Round 2

It's that time again. Time for us to all get together, play for an hour and give newer players a boost. We've already started collecting some names of users that are making their way into the community. Thanks to those who have nominated players.

Here is how it's going down. On March 2nd take some time to play for an hour and take your DEC winnings and send them over to our holding account @newboost. That account will never battle or trade on hive. It's sole existence is to take funds in and pay out rewards. You can send DEC, Cards, Packs, Plots, Totems, etc. All assets sent to the account will be distributed to new players.


We've still got some DEC left over from our last boost from a player that never claimed their reward.

As we get closer to March 2nd more details on the livestream event will be published as an update to this post.

Don't Be Stupid

Anytime you start giving away $ for nothing there are bound to be some players that try to game the system. It is my opinion that the rewards that we're distributing are minimal and that should dissuade people from trying trying to take advantage of our good will. That being said. If we see anyone setting up alt accounts and posing as new players we will make every effort to publicly shame you for the pathetic person that you are. :) Additionally we are going to change up our distribution of rewards to be based more on what a new player account might benefit from most rather than just giving away DEC (which they could easily sell).

So from this point on we will be giving away cards and booster packs away as rewards instead of DEC drops.

Who's Getting a Boost?

Here are the players that have been nominated so far.


If you would like to nominate someone just drop their ingame username in the comments below or drop their name in the official Splinterlands #general channel with a #newboostnomination hashtag.

All players listed above will get a boost and one lucky player will get the mysterious grand prize. The grand prize winner will be chosen at random during the March 2nd livestream that I'll host. You don't have to be present to win but you do have to verify that you're still playing. The full prize pool will be announced and prizes distributed on March 3. I'll keep a running tally of the prize pool here in this post.

Jumping in the Prize Pool

To contribute to the prize pool for the March 2nd NewBoost event you can send DEC, Cards, etc. to the @newboost Splinterlands account. This will enter you into the NFT giveaway... That's right...

Inspired by the amazing outpouring of generosity we had for the launch of NewBoost I am going to incentivize folks that are donating to the prize pool. Starting today and retroactive to those who gave in the first boost I will be awarding you with WAX NFTs. We will also distribute those in the livestream. Everyone who gives will get one but the Mint #1 goes one lucky winner. Each "Boost" will have a unique NFT and it will give those who boost a little something to look forward too.

Here is a peek at the NFT from NewBoost v.1.


Contributors to NewBoost v.2

@unitqm - 5000 DEC

But Wait There's More...

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Drop them in the comments below. I am always receptive to feedback.

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Between this project, the new Wiki page, and the New Player tournaments - I will try to keep dividing funds & alternate between the three to help out. Amazing work! =)

I am a new player and I don't quite get what I have to do to be considered for a reward. Can you please tell me the steps I need to do? Thanks in advance 😊

Answer these questions and we'll get you enrolled.

What's your splinterlands username?

Are you in discord or Telegram? What's your name over there?

When did you start playing?

What's your favorite thing about Splinterlands?

What's the thing that frustrates you the most?

Username: @giemo

Discord: Giemo

Telegram: Giemo

Favorite thing about Splinterlands:
Nostalgia. It takes me back to my childhood, where I was collecting cards. Every time I get a new card in Splinterlands, I get the same feeling I did as a kid opening a card pack or when I traded cards - it's amazing. This feeling I only get because I actually own the cards (contrary to other online card games)

Most frustrating thing:
Dodge! It's a two edged sword, because I love when my last monster just dodges everything, but if the last enemy monster dodges everything and I lose the match because of that, it gets very frustrating

Thanks for the quick response and thanks for helping me out 😊

Can I nominate myself? lol =D

Sure you can. What's your username in the game? Are you in discord? Telegram?

When did you start playing?

Favorite thing about Splinterlands?

Most frustrating thing?

If you could have one card what would it be?

Ign: @ionize-salt
Can i nominate my self? I'm still new to this game i recently started this Feb..
But enjoying the game..bought also some untamed and dice packs..still on silver III though.. need more power..

I really like that the strategies are before the game started what i hate is the regeneration cards.. i haven't had those card pretty annoying in poison ruleset

You are in @ionize-salt. What's the one card you wish you had more of?

I'm not really familiar with the name but i wish i had the dragon for water card which heals itsel..or any card that has a heal card..i don't have a trump card for poison ruleset yet

I dm'ed you the name of @holyschnitzl holyschnitzl, another new player.

Will send in my DEC some time tonight, probably