Can I get gold for gold?

in Splinterlandslast month


I've been very lucky playing #spinterlands this past year. Statistically, I've picked up more than my fair share of goldfoil legendary cards, but recently I hit the jockpot....


One of the most sort after cards in the game is the fire summoner Yodin Zaku. To pull a regular card version is lucky, but to pull the GF version is super-duper jammy! But that's what I've gone and just done.

So can I find anyone out there that will trade me this $380 card for some physical gold?


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Man - that is a nice pull. I managed to pull like 1 GFL from all my packs - but never one that good. Not all legendary at created equal - you pulled the best.

Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.

Lucky bugger