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RE: Spot Deals on Silver!!! 28 FEB 2020

Crazy how the market is running in fear....we might see a lower spot before we find a solid floor... Thanks for sharing my friend!!😀


I think we might see lower prices too. If we do I'll keep buying and if it goes back up I'll keep buying 💵

I do like buying these spot deals because you can flip them quickly when the market goes back up. Like @kerrislravenhill said we have been spoiled with silver being so low the past few years.

I remember reading something a few years ago that it cost around $14 to get silver out of the ground and that silver should never go under $14. I said the silver we have in our hands is already out of the ground so how much does that cost 😂

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I read the same thing about the $14 cost to pull it out,and that might me a bit low... I know the miners are getting crushed😖