Healing water with a cold strike

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A usual member of my team and one monster that always delivers, we have the water elemental. It's a ranged monster with healing ability and one that I suggest you add to your team if you don't have it.

Rarity: RARE
Element: WATER
ABILITIES: Heal at level 1; Dodge at level 5

In this splinterlands battle that I largely dominated. I like to use it at the back of the pack due to its healing ability and that's exactly how I used it in this battle below. Here's how the battle went.

The Battle

link to battle

The Summoner

For this battle, there was no other summoner that I could even use. Bortus is my most advanced water summoner and he cuts down magic attack, so that's a positive.

It let most monsters get to their best potential, while others didn't quite need the boost. It did its job well and I couldn't ask for me.

Healing Tank

Despite being a common reward monster, I consider the sea monster to be one of the best melee monsters in the game and I employed it in this battle.
The healing ability wasn't really called into play that much but it did proper damage with that huge melee damage.

Healing Birdie

I focused on healing the tank more than usual because I figured it was my best chance. It was a risky move because Albatross only offers healing and no attack, so it could have reduced my effectiveness in attack.

Things worked out and that's mostly due to the fact that there was no monster with blast or opportunity ability in my opponent's team.

Magic Blaster

Ruler of the sea is a badass monster magic monster that has blast ability. It also gives a speed boost and was kept in the middle of the pack, just in case the sea monster doesn't work out.


yet another healer in the team and another monster to reinforce the Tank's position, we have the crustacean king. It is a common monster but still one of the rarest and most effective healers around.

Healer at the back

Finally, we have the star of the show and healer that I keep in case of pesky sneak monsters. I keep it at the back because, first of all, it has plenty of speed but also that healing that protects my rear guard.

If this monster had thorns and a bit extra health, it would have literally been Cornealus.

It worked out

It was an easy victory for me and I enjoyed watching it from start to finish. After constantly being dominated by Yodin Zaku, it is always nice to transfer some of that aggression to others.

Get In The Game

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