What if Liu Kang was a Splinterlands Monster?

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I'm still Exploring the possibility of a Mortal Kombat-Splinterlands mix, and to do so,, I'll be picking some of my favourite characters and then fitting them into the different Splinters(Earth, Fire, Water, Dragon, Death, and Life). So far, we have three Splinters completed and Raiden is the third. Here are the previous episodes:

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Liu Kang


Imagine making a Mortal Kombat series without mentioning Liu Kang. Interest in his character may have waned a bit in the past but he's still the centre piece of the franchise.

Over the years, this character has experienced some changes in his personality and appearance. He has even died a couple of times in different time skips but has still largely been the centrepiece, loosely speaking.

Liu Kang has gone from being a random virgin Shaolin Monk that had a hard-on for Kitana, to a zombie and finally ended up as the God of fire and lightning after Raiden gave up his immortality and transferred his power to him.


In terms of raw skill, few characters can actually match Liu in the entire series. His fighting style is quite similar to Bruce Lee's.

So while he may use the typical wing Chun and Jun Fan version of Martial Arts to devastating effect, it was slightly embellished to give it a bit more kick, if you know what I mean.

In Mortal Kombat Aftermath, Raiden transferred his Thunder God abilities to Liu Kang, making him the God of Fire and Thunder. Liu Kang emerged with god level abilities including flight, and having really cool shiny eyes.

Like most Mortal Kombat characters, he still relied on hand to hand combat and only used magic for activities like time travel, and opening portals.

Prior to becoming the God of fire and lightning, remember that Liu Kang could already turn into a dragon and did so in one of his first early battles with Shao Khan

Notice how he looks a lot like Shin Lo? hmm



The world was under siege by the dark emperor Shao Khan and Lord of Darkness. The prophesy foretold of two heroes of different background that would be trained by the dragons to create a new and just world. Liu Kang trained under the legendary Golden Dragon, while the scarcely seen Archmage Arius uncharacteristically took Tyrus to Mount Mox, where he would learn under the man that sits on top of the The High Council of Archmages.

Liu Kang's Stats


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Yeah. Liu Kang has had it rough. Being the chosen one comes with a lot of stress. I just joined his story with Tyrus Palladium, who is also the chosen one

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I really love this, amazing stats of this card,a Legendary powerful one.