NoLifer Shopping is the NoLifer Queen's best friend!

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Hello NoLifers!

Saturday Night Games!!

I wanted some kind of joy to this shitty week so I went on a NoLifer Haul!

Enjoy the video!

Let's get into the numbers:

Rising Star


Turns out I didn't refresh properly and didn't show up the new cards during the video so I'll leave the screen shot below:


It did increase my ego but not too bad! I will keep doing some lessons and one day I will reach zero or at least near!


Jan 3%Jan 23%
Goal - LVL 100LVL 6363%LVL 7070%



Hope to get to Silver in this season! Still have a week! Better not get sidetracked lol


Jan 3%Jan 23%
Goal - 70000 Power15905 Power22,72%27605 Power39,44%



I bought a couple of farms just to reach +1500 SIM as I said on the video lol


Jan 3%Jan 23%
Goal - +8000 SIM+999 SIM12,49%+1563 SIM19,54%

And that's about it!


Nope, madam, I will keep my addictions!

How're your NoLifer Goals so far?
You can be a NoLifer too and use the hashtag ;)

Happy Saturday!



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I really need to get back into Rising Star....I've put that and Rabona off way too long.

Been slacking on Rabona and getting less RBN to exchange but at least you can exchange them for Hive now!
I'll send you my double cards on Rising Star to give you a push :)


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Wow! Debbie in rising Star.
I am looking forward for level 75 currently at lvl 59.

Keep going you're almost there 😁


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Thank you! Cheers 🍻

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