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The Spineback Wolves of Mortis have more defense mechanisms than any wolf should need. The spikes on their backs and necks prevent blindside attacks, their teeth can tear through a Bronk’s rump, and their saliva is a powerful corrosive acid that the Gloridax are still attempting to weaponize.


How are you fellow Splinterlands players doing? It's time for another weekly battle challenge! These challenges are a great way to bring awareness to the game and learn about cards we may have overlooked. Most people on HIVE are probably aware of the game already.


Facebook and Twitter feel like dead ends, but a lot of people on Noise.Cash are showing interest in Splinterlands. They are already used to the notion of post-to-earn so a play-to-earn game is right up their alley.

I see silly NFTs that do nothing but eat up gas selling for millions of dollars. We can actually use our NFTs to play and earn crypto. How long do you think until Splinterlands has a card worth over $1,000,000? When can people play this game and make enough income to call it their job? Here in Laos where most people only earn $100 a month, I've taught my students to play and now they can earn as much from the game as they do from their job. It took them about a year. They are always playing, buying cards low, and selling them high though. Too much work for me. I'd rather play casually a few minutes a day and hope for good rewards.


My battle went as planned. The Haunted Spirit did most of the work and took the damage while the Spineback Wolf used the reach ability to help win the victory. Splinterlands usually frowns on using the card or lore image for the thumbnail because they come out as crotch shots, but the Spineback Wolf looks good right? Thanks for checking out my battle today! Get in the game!


Check out my battle:


Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

Nice job! Haunted Spirit at the front with Healing is always a good option in the Death splint.

Nice use of the wolf - interesting point about the crotch shots too.

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I need to look into this game! The concept is intriguing and the game seems like it’s somewhat similar to magic the gathering which I loved.

I think that eventually, we'll hijack old-school games by dumping a Web 3.0 decentralized U.N. order over legacy corporate bullshit. If you're the best player in the world at a game, why not earn millions of dollars? Better than millions of likes on YouTube or Twitch.