SPLINTERLANDS: Weekly Battle Challenge and unanswered questions

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Grim Reaper.png


Grim Reapers are often spotted by the dying, or reported by those who return from near-death experiences. Their faces are not shown. The Reapers’ black cloaks are so heavy that they scrape on the ground as they approach. Each Reaper’s long bony fingers clutch the handle of a great scythe. It is said that the Reaper’s scythe is used to literally cleave a soul asunder from its body at the time of death. In battle, the scythes are generally used as an unblockable projectile.

This week's Splinterlands Challenge is to show your GRIM REAPER in action. I usually avoid buying REWARD cards like this because they will pile up for free over time, but I noticed that my GRIM REAPER only needed three more cards to level up so I forked out the thirteen cents from my DEC collection.

combine 1.png

Now he'll have a ranged attack of 4 as well as AFFLICTION which can take away his enemy's ability to heal. This is a card I use regularly with the DEATH splinter so I was happy to see him in this week's Splinterlands Challenge. What about the real Grim Reaper? What will you feel about meeting Death?


I tried to time it so this battle would be victory number six thousand. I also forgot to post about my ten thousandth battle. I have a 56% winning rate. At least I'm winning a bit more than I'm losing. The top player in GOLD LEAGUE has a 66% winning rate so I guess I'm doing OK. What's your winning average?


I don't usually go into battle with only three cards preferring to use all six slots, but I still defeated my enemy. Splinterlands is unique in that being lazy and not playing for a couple of days can help you because it gives time for weaker players to rise up.


  • How much longer until Splinterlands can be a serious income for the average player? The top players are earning nearly 100 DEC per victory so that's about 5 cents per win today.

  • What's keeping an AI bot from scanning EVERY battle victory and ruining the game for us humans?

  • Why doesn't Splinterlands copy other strategy games and animate the battles in 3D? Just showing cards is pretty lame and will never draw in the average gamer in my opinion.

  • Why doesn't Splinterlands have a game for Xbox and PlayStation?


If you have the answers to my questions but do NOT write them in the comments, then the GRIM REAPER may come for you!