Win-Rate slowly going down, now at 46.5%!!! Worst Season Everrrr!

in Hive Gaminglast month

Hopefully this is not the case but for some reason I am really getting the feeling that I am somehow marked as a 'BOT-user' on Splinterlands which by the way I am not.

I all do my ranked matches in full manual mode all while watching an anime or a series. I do however immediately click the 'BATTLE' button above beside the 'Card Collection' button and 'EVENT' button to skip like 7 seconds of animations in loading both teams deck.

As to the reason why I THINK (again THINK, not 100% sure but kinda getting the feeling) I am labeled as a Bot-user is because majority of my matches are against players with Battle Points higher than me.

Out of 24 ranked matches I did this morning, 7 matches were only against opponents who has Battle Points LOWER than me!!!

I was bored this morning so I made a no effort table with my Battle Rating the first column, Opponents Battle Rating as the second column and the third column as the difference in Battle Rating with COLOR DEEP RED meaning the difference between the two is higher. DEEP RED FOR MY LOSES. LOL


This has been going for months now and honestly has been starting to be piss me off now. I did get quite lucky the last 5 seasons making my win-rate per season increase to around 52% but on this current season, my current win-rate has been slowly dropping and is now at 46.1% with 156 wins out of 338 total ranked matches.