It would take a mask of Opportunity

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I write this post with bitterness in my mouth, and with a sense of infinity sadness, I hope that the Google translator can overcome and transfer all the disgust that I'm feeling right now, for two comments I received on a post I made last night, the post in question is as follows ....

I know perfectly well that what happened is irrelevant to this week's contest, but I wanted to bring to the evidence of all of you what happened, also in consideration of a fact, that I received this gift in an innocent post on the Daily Mission Splinterlands, which I wrote in Italian, my language, I don't understand who might have bothered...

I am absolutely not a puritan or easily scandalized person, but these images have nothing to do with it, and if they bothered me, that I have a high degree of tolerance on topics like this, let alone an ordinary person, whom I think can feeling offended by such visions...

Silencing this fact did not seem right and correct, so, apologizing immensely for those images, I hope it can serve at least to sensitize everyone's conscience, because it is not tolerable to ruin a post, albeit normal and not of a high standard, with that sucks...

Let's try to go back to the contest, maybe concentrating on this week's topic I will be able to partially turn the page, even if I don't believe completely...

Opportunity, it is the widest subject of this contest, it is a quality that few cards have on Splinterlands, personally I do not have many, and if there hadn't been, for example, a previous contest of yours that had as object Maggots I would have one less, being a card that had not attracted my attention, nor had it ever been assigned to me among the cards won for different titles.

But what are the cards that I have that have the Opportunity ability, and above all, what does it consist of?

It is a very singular and particular gift, as the cards that possess it attack the card of the opposing formation that has the poorest health, a sort of sniper who deliberately shoots against the dying card, but finally we come to the cards I have...


This too was a card object of your contest a few weeks ago, the Fire Element to which it belongs is not among my favorites, although soon I will have to raise Malric Inferno to 4th level to compete at higher levels, reason so Serpentine Sky I don't use it much, even though I took it to the 3rd level.


The Water Element, now I think it is well known, is one of my favorites together with the Earth Element, but the paper I own with the quality Opportunity I rarely use it, I can't quite frame it, also because the competition in this element it is really high, I have a list of at least a dozen cards that I use systematically before Feasting Seaweed.


Life, probably the Element that I like least of all, and also Cave Slug is no exception to this rule, although it is a card that, when I am forced to play with this Element, I use it quite frequently, always in relation to the fact that I systematically try to avoid playing with this Element.


On Maggots I have already mentioned something, I must admit that it was a pleasant rediscovery, although I do not like very much the Death Element I use this card quite frequently, for the relatively low cost in terms of Mana and for the discrete performances overall.


Parasitic Growth it's a card that I received from the Daily Missions, I don't think I've ever used it, maybe only once, every now and then I find it in the opposing sides, it doesn't make me crazy...

Well, I think I have talked enough about the cards that have the quality of the Opportunity, so I have nothing to do but greet you cordially, but but a moment, maybe I forgot someone, yes, I forgot the card that clearly makes me crazy for its great qualities, which I use a lot, is that I have already brought to the 8th level, fully exploitable, at least for the moment, only when I can use as a Summoner Delwin Dragonscale...


Screeching Vulture, a bolt from the blue, becomes a real nightmare, especially if the opposing team does not have a card that can immediately counteract its potential growth, because it also acquires the ability to Scavenger, which drastically increases its dangerousness, the battle that I want to bring to your attention not by chance involves this card, I don't anticipate anything, but it has really had 7 lives like cats...

I sincerely thank Splinterlands for several reasons for these wonderful opportunities that it offers us, and if any of you are not yet registered in this game I recommend with increasing determination and pleasure, this is my affiliate code...

If you want to participate in this very valid contest, here is the link to access it...

P.S.: I apologize again for my outburst, unfortunately the bitterness is still high...

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Nice review of those opportunists!
You are missing the fan favorite: The Dragon Jumper... but he's more pricey and doesn't really fit in the same way as the others.

As for yesterday's (I think it's over now???) influx of dangling participles... It's bound to happen. People throw fits and act out in ways they want... because it feels good (at the time). And though I understand your frustration (trust me), I did get a little giggle out of it... and assumed it would stop. I mean, it's not really hurting anyone... but he is getting is point across (pun intended).

Plus, last time this happened I learned how to hide comments which made my life a whole lot easier. 😍 And it also prepared me for this teeny attack.

I say let them do their thang, give them no feedback and eventually they'll get a new thing. Circle of life.

Hang in there. And thanks for being awesome. @carrieallen

note: thoughts are my own and in no way reflect the Splinterlands/steemmonsters team.

Glad to read your most welcome comment, and I share your thoughts, unfortunately not everyone thinks like us, and frankly all those dangling birds so, as an end in themselves, they had nothing to do with the post, also given the fact that if I see a pornographic scene it does not make me hot or cold, I watch it and it ends there, but in the posts it bothers me, this is not the place for these things, happy that you have curbed the phenomenon, also because it was really a phenomenon, with that extension it had... (😂😂😄)

@tipu curate

Ciao caro, grazie del tipu, speriamo che questo post non abbia la stessa fortuna di quell'altro che ho citato...


Scusa mad, ma non ho ben capito cos'è successo al tuo post precedente

La sensazione che ho avuto è che ieri sera c'è stata una sorta di attacco nei confronti di Splinterlands e dei post ad esso inerenti, in quanto sul post che ho citato c'erano una fila incredibile della stessa foto, dove si vedeva un uccello di generose dimensioni che veniva agitato a destra e sinistra dallo scuotimento del corpo del ragazzo di colore titolare del cazzone in oggetto, lo ripeto, sono molto tranquillo e liberale, penso si capisca da come mi esprimo, e difficilmente mi scandalizzo, ma vedere tutti quei fotogrammi identici, uno attaccato all'altro, mi ha fatto schifo, penso che siano riusciti a fare qualcosa a tal riguardo perché non li vedo più...


Eh infatti non vedevo alcun commento strano, li avranno tolti sicuramente.
Mah non capisco proprio il motivo di queste azioni, prendiamola sul ridere che è meglio 🤣

Fidati, non sono contro alla pornografia, ritengo ciascuno di noi libero di fare quello che vuole, anche con il proprio corpo, ma quelle immagini facevano schifo, usato nella dovuta maniera e dei dovuti contesti problemi zero, sbandierato in quella maniera, del tutto gratuita e fuori luogo, perché il mio non era un post pornografico, non c'entrava nulla...


Concordo in pieno 😉

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