Splinterlands Champion League III, Season Rewards and some of my thoughts

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Finally, I reached Champion League 3 in this Splinterlands’ season first time. It might have taken me a little longer in comparison with other amazing players of the game but at last, I did it.

When I started the quests of the last day, I was at a score of around 3650 and three hours were left for the end of the season. To unlock the Champion League 3 I had to get 50 points by winning 5 battles, this wasn’t a big target and I had more than enough time.

I had to win five battles with Life Splinter, weakest of my all splinters and their monsters.

Won the first battle, got 17 points and went a little closer to the target, but then started loosing and defeated in three consecutive battles, then won one and so on. The net result of playing approximately for one hour was win in two battles and the score of 3490, quite disappointing.

The tips which are being started showing up while SEEKING THE ENEMY after the last update of the game are extremely helpful, that was a fantastic idea from a brilliant mind whoever that is from the Splinterlands team.

In the next Quest, I received the tip, When doing a Daily Quest, remember that you can battle outside your Quest as well. You do not have to sacrifice ranking.

That was the turning point, I started playing with my strong splinters and with strong monsters. Win ratio increased, defeat ratio dropped.

Capture Rate was going down, but that was the last day of the season, I had to sacrifice the CR and DEC for the battles in order to achieve my target.

During these battles, I kept attempting the Quests as well, and finally just half an hour before the season end, unlocked the Champion League III.

Believe me, that's was another level of fun.

Season Rewards might not be as mouth watering for many of the super player of the game as they were for me and for many of the players on the same or below levels, but, no doubt, those are worth fighting and expending my time for.

Many concepts got cleared during this last season. How to work with different rule-sets, where to use monsters with different abilities, where different summoners are more useful.

So far in the current season I am at Diamond League III, couldn't play yesterday because of some issues at internet provider's side.

I had to learn more about the abilities though. Don't have the cards of many abilities and have plans to buy them.


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