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Did you ever have one of those days you are knee deep in gaming & it seems like the @splinterlands Gods took the day off? Yeah.... this is what happened to me at the #PixiePalace today!

As we dive into another fun-filled episode of the weekly #PixieDustGaming, there are booster packs & dice to open as well as some hard core battling! Chaos as Monsters run amuck, leaving me to wonder what the heck is going on....

Also, the rules for the upcoming drawing is announced for this awesome card...

Screen Shot 20210224 at 12.39.27 PM.png

The Fire Elemental Bitch! This is a fantastic card & is also a RARE one as well.

So, all comments count in this post but please watch the video for further details to ensure yours is counted. You won't want to miss this one! And there may be more surprises along the way ;)

This is to thank you all for your continued all make what #PixieDustGaming is & looking forward to expanding in the future to give you even more value :)

Let's go & battle some Monsters! Until then, see you in on the battlefield...

Thanks for your support in this gaming videos & my new found journey. There's much more to come so make sure you are subscribed so you don't miss out!


DISCLAIMER: Bad language IS uttered & my usual insanity is very present….you were warned! ;)

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Today’s Music: Final Phaze - Jerry Lacey

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I am not particularly an expert but I think for newer players in general: Fire with Living Lava and Serpentine Spy is a killer combo. It's best when paired with the dragon untamed summoner with +1 shield. If there is more mana available, then add in a fire elemental and spark pixie (put spark pixie before serpentine spy so they can miss). I like this combo because all cards but Living lava (with physical/ranged damage reduce) is fast but low hp. It's generally what I found to be quite useful in tournaments for novice and bronze and should be available to someone who just starts.

As for your setup using Yodin, I generally prefer to have more ranged monsters along for the ride for the +1 damage and blast. If you have a choice of ranged monsters, I generally choose snipe as they have a higher chance of hitting 3 monsters. My preferred tank of Living Lava usually does fine unless you get paired with a magic team.

I am no expert at this game, either, & sometimes the way I play is a bit unorthodox according to some. It works sometimes & other times, well, not so much lol. I definitely have fun, though!

I like your strategy & appreciate this. Bookmarking it so I can try it out in some of the lower mana battles. Thank you! I know other players will find this helpful as well :)

Living Lava is an awesome card, I agree, & use it a lot for my Fire battles usually. :) Fire Elemental is my favorite so that's why I want to give her as the prize in the drawing as well.

I assume your username is the same as your Splinterlands name? I need that in order to count you in for the drawing! :)

Thank you for your awesome comment & I wish you much success in the battling. Kick some arse!! :)🧡


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Yea my username is the same as my splinterlands name.

I think Living Lava is an amazing fire tank. As the 2nd card to use, serpentine spy is my 2nd card to pick. The reason is because in untamed tournaments, a living lava + goblin + serpentine spy will beat a group of living lava + fire elemental most of the time (if they don't miss).

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Wow... nice prize... Fire Elemental Bitch! :)

So, I had to take notes while I was watching your video to not miss something to comment... lol...

Stupid timer thing.. :) :)

I like that... ^^^ hahaha... That's how I react on many occasions... :)

A little advice:
Thorn is working only if melee monsters attack... I was playing against the "thorn guy" by playing only with ranged and magic monsters... He didn't do any damage :)

Gobling dating guy...

ahahahaha... We have a winner! :)

Keep on battling! :)

Oh, my Splinterlands username is: cryptofiloz

Yes!! I really love the Fire Elemental Bitch (thanks for using the "correct" name hahah) & know it will serve the winner well in their battles as well. :)

You took notes?? WOW LOL 🤣Should I be scared? ha ha...

The Timer truly annoys the crap out of's like that annoying officer co-worker that constantly hovers over you when you're trying to do your thing. It's like "I KNOW!!" 🤣🤣

Thank you for the advice about the "Thorn" action...I get so blinded by wanting to thorn the heck out of everyone so I got to remember to keep the strategy is mind he he...

Gobling dating guy .... well, I told you I got to build up the collection of original names I give the cards lol. :)

Thanks for your awesome comment & I have you in the drawing with the others! Stay tuned ... ;)💚


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I hate the low mana matches - especially when you get like 3 or 4 in row pffftt

OMG - you're doing giveaways now too ??? That's awesome -

one of these days i'll try the video thing - it's funny , I can get on stage with a guitar without a care in the world - you put me in front of a camera and i crap my pants LOL

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Yess, exactly! Someone who feels my pain ha ha. I know some people who do like the low mana & that probably depends on the type of cards that are in their collection, which make sense. For me, personally, the higher the mana, the better. Then, I can kick some serious ares...but maybe that's the get better at the lower mana lol... ;)

Yes, I am trying this give away and see how it goes. Not sure if I will do it in EVERY video but I am thinking every 2 weeks or something like that. We will see, but there are definitely some fun surprises in store so stay tuned :)

You play the guitar?? That is awesome. I would love to hear it sometime! And yeah, I was thinking of streaming eventually, but not quite there yet ... pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone really helps us grow & shows us what we truly are capable of. If you do a video, tag me so I can support you! :)

Btw, I assume your Splinterlands name is rxhector as well so you can be in the drawing?

Thanks for YOUR support. Very grateful for your friendship! :)🧡


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Do you play it in pc of PS4? I don't know about this game

No, unfortunately, to my knowledge, it isn't available on those platforms (yet). You can get it on your Android or Iphone if you want it on mobile (as I mentioned in the video).

It is available here on the HIVE blockchain & is one of the most popular games here. Refer to my video description if you want to try it out. It gives you the link there! :)

Thanks for your comment! Much appreciated :)


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Thanks for doing a give away and giving back to the community!

As a new player, it's hard to try and find a niche or what works best for me while also moving up power rankings. I've been focusing mostly on ranking cards up that are solid and dependable and reaching for a few powerful giants here and there. (Does suck when you get those low mana matches and you... just can't use them...!)

In Splinterlands, I'm just: isthistomorrow

You are so welcome! I am excited to do the giveaway and see how it goes. I know I always enjoy them so I want to give people some goodies back :) Thanks for participating!

Your strategy is sound as well. From playing this game for awhile, I noticed there really is no ONE way to play it. Some people enjoy the battling and moving up the ranks that way while others do it to collect the cards & earn some crypto. That is the beauty of it. Now, I play in my own way and it may not always be the "correct" way of doing it, but it's fun for me. When I used to take it so seriously in the beginning, I tended to get in my own way & became too stressed. Now, I just enjoy making video content to play, have fun & make others laugh lol... :)

I wish you luck in all of your battling! You will do great.. just remember to have FUN when you are doing it. ;)🧡


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