Couple of Rising Star milestones and progress with other Hive games

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Over the last day or so I have had a couple of achievements in Rising Star. I passed 4000 missions and reached level 250. The first got me an extra card pack and the latter will give me access to a new mission, but I need to buy a load more petrol cans before I can do it.

Rising Star

I started playing in July, so that is about three months of clicking. In the same time my friend @slobberchops has done over twice as many missions, but I do not know how he can achieve that. With recent changes you will not do so well if you just keep running the same five minute mission. The rewards will go down and increasing 'ego' will become a hindrance. I do not mind too much as I need to get away from the computer sometimes when I will just run a longer mission. With about 25,000 permanent fans I can make enough to buy at least one card pack each day. The individual cards that will give me an appreciable improvement are expensive, so I just take a chance and sell cards I do not want.

The game is going into beta in November. That will bring a load of new cards to collect and use. Apart from that the developer @atom collector has been working hard to deal with any bugs that crop up.

I am also still playing Splinterlands. I encounter lots of bot accounts and get some pleasure when I beat them. I do the daily quests and may play a few extra battles. I am contributing to a guild that increases what I can win. Land plots go on sale next month and will be looking to buy some using tokens I have collected.


A chat with @slobberchops prompted me to try dCity. This is an urban simulation that looks like it has a bit of depth to it. There are lots of different items to collect and they work in combination to help your city thrive. You can buy card packs, but I just bought 2000 of their SIM tokens and picked some cheap items from the internal market. I realise these are not optimal, but I will see what happens. I am not sure it needs much regular interaction.


I am still keeping CryptoBrewMaster ticking over too in case it develops further. Income has dropped a lot, but it requires very little time to play.

I am aware there are other games such as Exode, Holybread and Rabona. You can treat them as pure fun and/or income streams. I do not want them to take over my life, but I will indulge as time permits. I hope they can bring more people to Hive as we need users. Players can also blog.

Hive five!


I haven't tried Rising Star yet. But I also play SPLINTERLANDS and I am waiting for the 7th of November when the presale of the lands comes out. Sometimes it happens to win against bots me too.

At least Rising Star is free to start playing, so it's worth a look. I do wonder about how much money I should put into these games. I am no so worried about what I make, but it helps if it is fun.


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250!!! how do you managed to reach that level? Looks impossible ;-)

Persistence! A few XP boost cards do help, but I am not sure how available those will be in future.

What guild are you in? I don't think mine is that active and I have been thinking about switching. Dang, 250! I have been trying to get to 35 for weeks!

I'm in Splinter Elites. There may be a space free.

How much XP do you get for Illegal Busking? I get 249. The XP Boost cards help a lot.

I don't see where it tells me that. Do you know what level that guild is?

Thought I had replied to this, but don't see it. The guild is level 5.

In RS you see the XP on each mission. I have a few hundred from boost cards.

Oh, okay. Illegal Busking gives me 10 XP

It will take you a while then. Maybe buy some booster cards. I think that's the only way to speed it up.

Dang, those are expensive. I will probably have to pass.

I'm not sure they are appearing in packs, so you have to decide what they are worth to you.

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Rabona is in Open Beta at the Moment and can be played super passive. Look at it once a week to play, everything else is Bonus to get better at it. If you want to join, I can boost you in with a promo code?

Cheers. I think I have enough games to worry about for now. Have fun with it.

dCity can get addictive if it pulls you in. 2 SIM a day isn't going to do much, buy a Wind Farm!

You're trying to get me to spend more! That is the problem with these games. You have to spend before you can earn. I'll see where I stand after the land sale. Got to prioritise.

We are all going into this land thing as though its the best thing ever and still with little detail besides the prices.

Remember Untamed and all the hype, it really didn't deliver and was a disappointing set IMO. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

I am only investing funds that cost me nothing, such as BLURT. I wonder how many will buy the big packages that cost thousands. I'm just playing around rather than investing.

I wonder how many will buy the big packages that cost thousands.

Not me!

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man I don't get how to play rising star

What don't you understand? You just run missions to gain Starbits, but you are limited by your energy. Buying or winning cards gives you a boost in various ways. The help page tells you all about it.

Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.

Hi @steevc, What are your favorite blockchain-based games? I am interested in your opinion.