The Speed And Thorns ability Of This Monster Got Me Crazy

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Hello everyone, how is your day? Am always happy to be here. I have met so many people and most of them are really good to me. I met someone here some weeks ago and he thought me so many things. I can never forget him; he is so nice.
I am always scared of meeting and trust someone in social media because people are easy duped. I have meet many people who trying to dupe me through Facebook messenger, Gmail, etc. But God help me.
I was also duped by someone sometimes ago through social media. I could not sleep that night because it was big amount of money. It was a painful Experience. The reason am saying this is that, in this platform, the rate of such is minimal.

This week challenge is using Spineback Wolves in a battle. I want to say thank you @splinterlands teams and @carrieallen this wonderful opportunity given to us.

Spineback Wolves is common death monster. It is one of the death monster with high speed, this makes it one of the fastest death monster to attack. The speed does not change; it is the same for level one to the highest level. The melee, armor and health kept increasing and dynamic from one level to other.

Reach: Melee attack with the reach ability can attack from first or second position in the battle. This is the one of the uniqueness of this monster.
Thorns: you need to level up this card to level 5 to enjoy the thorns' ability. when hit with melee attack, does damage back to the attacker. This type of monster is good to fight battles with lower mana cost.

• Holy Protection: All Monsters have the divine shield ability
• Lost Magic: Monsters with magic attack may not be used in the battles

Click here to watch the battle

• Undead Rexx: Nothing could made me to chose this monster than the melee and health. Because of it Heath, it took opponent monsters third round to eliminate undead Rexx. The 5 melee attack gave it advantage to destroyed Torhilo The Frozen at second round.

• Spineback Wolves: this is one of the monsters I used once in a blue moon. There's something I learned in this monster, and the thing was the speed which is very useful in some battles. There are battles you need monsters of high speed to one. It was this monster that struck Torhilo The Frozen by removing holy protection from it.

• Haunted Spirit: This monster can not fight in this position but I thought of; if Undead Rexx and Spineback Wolves are removed, which monster could lead the battle. I used this monster to back up the two Monsters. Haunted Spirit led the battle successful after elimination of undead Rexx and Spineback Wolves. This is the major reason I used haunted Spirit.

• Sandworm: The sneaky ability amazed me a lot. Fighting in one direction is not good. Most time I fought in one direction, I got defeated. Therefore, this neural monster is one of the useful monster to me. This is the only sneaky monster I have with the highest melee.

• Octopider: I love the demoralized ability of this monster. It reduced the melee of opponent Sandworm, Torhilo The Frozen and Manticore which do not allowed them to be effective. It also attacked in the battle.

• Shadowy Presence: I need to protect my back since the Mana cost left was so small. Shadowy Presence was the best due to its health. It will take a monster twice to destroy it. And before Sandworm could destroyed it, I have accomplished my purpose. It often used to waste time.

of course it works. I won the battle. And what made my strategy worked was the way I line up my monsters. Assuming I made mistake in arranging my monsters, my opponent would have won.

I like it. The major reason I like this monster is the "thorns ability". I have battled with level 5 and above of this monster and I lost most times. Therefore whenever I see Spineback Wolves with thorns ability, I get scared. It destroyed monsters with 1 or 2 health in the battle such as serpentine spy, when hits in the battle.
The speed is another things that got me crazy about this monster. It makes it attack faster. Monster like this win a battle.


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Love the quick speed this monster can do. Great lineup!

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