There Is No Better Way To Bring Undisputed Nature Of mushroom Seer To Scene Than This

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Hello Splinterlords and Splinterladies, how is your day? Before I saw this on splinterlands blog, I was wondering of what card would be use for 'splinterlands battle challenge' for this week. unfortunately, I guessed wrong. I was thinking, it could be one of the cards I hold; but I didn't have the card.

I saw Mushroom Seer in the splinterlands market; then, I checked the price, I was able to afford the price. I was so happy that I could afford the price.
What got me so excited was that, the card doesn't have cool time period; which simply means I can use it in the battle immediately. I bought three of Mushroom Seer and leveled it up to level 2.
I was trying to use Mushroom Seer to battle; for 30 minutes mushroom seer wasn't available for selection. I was given earth summoner several times but mushroom seer wasn't among the monsters. Then, the first time the monster was available in a battle, the Mana cap was very small- meaning If I were to select the monster, I won't have up to three monsters to fight in that battle. I did not use it.
The second time Mushroom Seer was available for me; it was not suitable for the battle. I decided not to use it. After that, I waited for almost an hour before I could get a battle that could allowed me to use Mushroom Seer.

• Mushroom Seer is a Rare Earth monster with magic attack. Its has 3 health at level one and 6 health at highest level. Therefore, you need 115 of this card to reach level 8 which is the highest level. It has zero armor, 1 speed at level one and 3 speed at highest level- useful in reverse Speed rule since the highest speed is 3.

There is one major ability of this monster that can makes you undisputed in battles. Though, the monster has more than one abilities. But this ability that makes it to be Undisputed is:
SILENCE: Simply means all magic attack of opponent monsters are reduced. The reason why is so unique is that; magic attack rarely missed the target. Once this monster reduces all magic attack, there is a big chance of winning the battle especially battles rules that supported magic attack.
Battlers have used this strategies to defeat me times without numbers. They are aware that I would used many Magic attack Monsters due to the rule. Hence, they used mushroom seer to reduced all my magic attack monsters.

HITTING THE TARGET: It rarely missed the target, except some monsters that have unique ability to evade magic attack. Since monsters that evade magic attack are very rare- i have seen two to three of these kinds of monsters since I started splinterlands. Using this monster will give you winning.

Notice: beware of magic reflect monsters, they are many in splinterlands. They will cut short the life span of this monster.

• MAGIC ATTACK: this kind of monster attacks in any position and accuracy of this monster is 95%.
• POISON: One of the deadly weapons in splinterlands. Once this monster poisoned any monster, it reduces the health of such monster by 2.

• Armored Up: All Monsters have 2 armor in addition to their normal armor stat
• Holy protection: All Monsters have the divine shield ability
• Mana cap: 29

PSX_20210402_023917.jpgClick here to watch the battle.

Furious Chicken: since most of my monsters have lower speed which would not allow them to attack very fast. My thought was that Furious Chicken would take 2 attack before it would be eliminated which would reduce attack from my main monsters.
Holy protection made furious chicken to take three attack before it was destroyed which allowed flesh golem to last longer in the battle.

Flesh Golem: this monster would have been eliminated at level 1 but its ability made it to reached round 6. It resiliency ability made it to reach this round, and because of that it last longer. None of my Earth monsters that would withstood such pressure and attack except golem flesh. If, I mistakenly used any monster apart from flesh golem, it would have been 50:50 chance of winning.

Despite serious attack by Spirit Miner, Divine Healer, Peacebringer and Silvershield Warrior that would have led to early elimination. Golem flesh was able to reached level 6.

Earth Elemental: I knew after elimination of golem flesh, it would not be easy to get ride of Earth Elemental because of the same ability with flesh golem. Just like how I planned it that golem flesh would be eliminated. Because of the increased Heath ability, Earth Elemental was pulled off at level 12.

Sandworm: Its ability is to fight from behind. It destroyed peacebringer at level 3, eliminated divine healer at level 6, feral spirit at level 7, and Silvershield Warrior at level 13.

Mushroom Seer: when you look at this monster, you will think it has no impact in the battle. It is this Monster that reduced the magic attack of spirit miner and divine healer which made them no to have huge impact in the battle. If both monsters Magic attack were not reduced, I would have lost the battle and the battle wouldn't have reached level 14. This monster done its job very well. It also eliminated gelatinous cube. Only two Monsters finished the battle- Sandworm and Mushroom Seer.

Screeching Vulture: this is my second monster eliminated in the battle. This monster was destroyed at level three by feral spirit. Both monster were first started attacking each other. The three armor possessed by feral spirit made it difficult for screeching Vulture to destroyed it.

Did you like Mushroom Seer?
My answers will be 100% yes. The Undisputed ability 'SILENCE' made me to win. It was a huge victory for me.
The problem I have with this monster is the lower speed and Health. This makes the monster not suitable to start the battle.

Everyone has its own ability in life, if you know your ability and find where your ability is most needed; you will be asset not liability, and also contribute to the success of the organization. Your ability is your asset to highway in life.



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