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Hello Splinterland warriors!

Hope you guys will be fine and blessed its me again here to participate in this week battle challenge after two weeks because of the busy schedule so here is my participation in the weekly battle challenge hosted by the Splinterlands team thanks for the great support and arranging these challenges for us on weekly basis so most of the users are participating.


Rarity: RARE
Element: EARTH
ABILITIES: Retaliate at level 1; Enrage at level 5

This week battle challenge with an old monster from the earth family that i am not using mostly in my battles so honestly i forgot the name of this monster so when i saw the battle challenge with the Stonesplitter Orc i thought that it would be a new monster from the reward card or untamed edition so maybe i don't have this card in my collection so i will not participate so here when i saw the GIF then i realized anc check out my collection for this card that i already have.





As always here in the battle line i will explain each card one by one that i used in the specfic position to work with the ruleset and describe my own strategy for the specfici cards and its position in this battle watch it and see the lineup.


The monster of this week battle challenge lives in the earth family so i went for LYANNA NATURA which is a beautiful earth summoner from the alpha/beta edition that will help all friendly monsters to increase there one life so they can easily fight against their enemy monsters with enough life even if there is a weaken monster used against your friendly team so it does not matter because your monsters life will still be safe.


Well, There is a ruleset of broken arrows and target practice which means that there will be no ranged attack monsters and the magic monsters will have the sneak ability means that it will target the other magic monsters instead of the first enemy monsters. So in the first position i used the STONESPLITTER ORC which is a rare earth monster from the alpha and beta edition with retaliate and enrage ability. Currently i am not using it much in my battles so i have only at level 3 where the retaliate ability works. So here because of the retaliate ability it killed the enrage monster of the enemy team that it retaliate two times to kill that monster watch the battle to see the fight and winning of my team.

In the second position, i used the common monster ORC SERGEANT from the untamed edition which is really helpful to add one extra melee attack to all friendly monster and also can attack from the 2nd position with its reach ability. So this monster played an important role in this battle because of its one extra melee attack the first monster worked well.

Well, in the 3rd position i used the great common monster SCREECHING VULTURE which is my favorite monster all time i am using it in my battles because of its opportunity and scavenging ability that you can get at level 6. Also, this is a common monster so you can easily upgrade it to max and it worked well for me.

Well, the life of the main monster Stonespliter is not enough to fight against the enemy team in the first position so i uses the healer to restore the heal of first friendly monster. So KHMER PRINCESS is a rare monster which is also a nice monster with two mana and can provide you the healing ability to restore the healing of your first monster.

Well, the mana cap was less so i went for the GOBLIN SORCERER which is also a common card from the alpha and beta edition with magic ability and sneak attack means will target the last enemy monster to weak the back line of the enemy monsters. So it work well and attacked on the last enemy monster to reduce its life but because of the target practice it killed early.

In the last position, i went for the common monster GELATINOUS CUBE to divert the attention of magic enemy monsters because of the target practice they will keep an eye on this monster until it dies but killing this monster is not so easy when you have unlocked its healing ability. So they were busy will this monster and my other friendly monsters killed the other monsters of the enemy team but not the Naga Fire wizard of the fire family which has the shield and thorn ability o still i won the battle with this cube beause of its healing.

Did your strategy work?

Of course the strategy work well for me because of the stonesplitter retaliate ability and it killed the enemy monster that you can see in the battle link.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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