My Entry for Weekly Battle Challenge - Theme : PIRATE ARCHER

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Hello all monsters lovers,

This is my entry for Share your Battle Weekly Challenge hosted by @splinterlands. Here is the link to post

This Week Theme : PIRATE ARCHER


Here is the status of the card...

The Pirates of ΛZMΛRÉ have destroyed countless ships and crews with muskets and cannons, but recently they have added archery to their arsenal. Their arrows explode into flame upon contact. When they attack at night, the Archers like to go for the sails first; it makes a nice light show.

Battle Details

Rule Set - Week Magic & Taking Sides
Here the screen shot of the cards lineup.
Here is the link to battle.


Total mana cap for the monster selection was 18 mana.
Before selecting the team I have checker the previous used team by my opponent it gives a nice view of opponents strategy. I team for selection was only water team so I was knowing that the opponent will use the ROS and best counter for the ROS is monster with magic reflect. A the rule was taking sides so I was not able to use Lord A or the Prismatic Energy which is best against the magic attack.
For this match I decide ro change my strategy and put low mana monster in front which has low health but it it will hive other monsters to survive an attack.
As it was my feeling that tha opponent will use ROS and ofcourse opponent will not olace at first position so I decide to use the Pirate Caption (I assumedthe opponent will use the ROS at second position, which was wrong) so that I can use the snipe ability which combined with the blast ability of the Archer and ROS will take down the moster very fast.

Monster Lineup



ALBATROSS is not a good choice for the first line but I used it just to buy some time. The card was out with very first magic attack of Mermaid. But I was knowing that it will die with a blink.



CRUSTACEAN KING I used this card at second position . With one shield this card can survive two attack at least, Or may be because of the healing more attacks too. During fight it takes the three attacks and ROS attacked twice.



RULER OF THE SEAS is a awesome card with Blast ability and combining with the ALRIC STORMBRINGER means additional magic attack.
I have used two cards with blast ability which works very nicely and helps in finishing the card at second position.



PIRATE ARCHER at level 4 it has 1 ranged attack, 3 speed and 3 health along with blast ability. It take only two mana to summon. Very effective card for low mana battles and also suits for medium mana if you have left with two mana to adjust.



PIRATE CAPTAIN has snipe ability and at level 5 it has 2 ranged attack, 4 speed and 4 health. I used with cards to magnify the attack of two blast ability cards, and it works very nicely.

Did my Strategy works... I assume that the opponent will place the ROS at second position but he placed it at third position and used the mermaid at second position. I use the Pirate Archer along with the ROS and Pirate Caption so that I can combine the blast and snipe and it works very well. At first it finished then Mermaid and then ROS.

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wow that was a pretty close battle. Nicely done

Thanks for your Battle Challenge post.



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