Card Introduction and battle Episode 72 : maggots | Splinterlands

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So this is my 72 th card cover video. Today's card is maggots and this card is best for low mana battles. It attacks low life cards of the enemy.

it is death common monster that comes with 3 mana, 1 speed, 1 attack and 1 live. Check the more information and battle in video.

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Very good brother today you are introducing your game and showing you a card and I sold all my account cards today anyway now there is some work left in another account let's see if anything can be made again brother

Thank you so much brother....

If I want to start playing sprintwrland game, what would have to be the first step??

You can do practice in splinterlands. You just have to use your posting key and hive username to login splinterlands. After practice you can buy summoner's spellbook(10$) to start.

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

72nd card? man, that's insane... in a good way 😉
I remember making an intro video for the maggots when we had this card as the theme card of a weekly battle challenge.
so... yeah, well done.

thank you for your epic words...